Spring bake frittata


This one is straight out of ‘Super Food Ideas’ September 2007 – called Easy oven-baked frittata. (Look, it’s online!)

Guess I better not copy it out here!

But does anyone else with more than 4 people in their family get a bit tired of seeing “Serves 4” on recipes? So I have to tweak it a bit to make it feed our family.

So I used about 4 potatoes, about 100g pancetta, 120g baby spinach and 9 eggs, and around 250ml (lite) cream. (And probably more cheese than the recipe says.)  When I made this last night I used another half punnet of cherry tomatoes, but one punnet might have been enough.Really, frittatas can be anything you want – so quantities aren’t that important.

frittata - ready to go in the oven

Now the potatoes? I’ve tried their method (but sebago potatoes are usually unwashed, and so that’s not ideal) I’ve tried skinning them afterwards, and I’ve tried cooking them peeled.  But really, it doesn’t matter what you do – even if the slices fall apart (like they did on me last night) it still tastes fine.

frittata meal* This tastes even better heated up again the next day I reckon!

* The sweet potato/kumara there was an experiment that turned out ok. Peeled strips with a potato peeler, tossed in oil, with some seasoning, spread out on a baking sheet, and turned every now and then. Till it starts to crisp up. Got the thumbs up, so I’m going to try it again someday.


One response to “Spring bake frittata

  1. Linda

    looks very nice, and i love fresh asparagus.

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