Smashed potatoes

You read that right. They’re SMASHED, not mashed.

new potatoes
spray oil
seasoning and herbs of choice

Cook the potatoes first – I do them in the microwave, but of course you can do them in a saucepan the traditional way.  Supposedly you should allow them to cool, but it’s not essential.

Place on a greased/sprayed baking sheet, and then use your potato masher to squash/smash them down flat – well, flattish.

Spray with oil – then season to taste, and sprinkle herb of choice on top. This is something I often get the girls to do, and they usually choose to sprinkle thyme, or rosemary on top.


And then bake in a moderate oven for.. well, till they look brown and crispy.  About an hour? Keep an eye on them.

The original recipe that my mum had (They also get called ‘Grandma’s potatoes’ here) said to “drizzle” oil – rather than spray, and they possibly get more crispy that way. Just more calorific!

Not a bad potato dish to serve with a BBQ either, especially with visitors. You can bung them in the oven ahead of time, and then whip them out, arranged on a platter, when the meat is done.


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