Bacon & pinenut tomato pasta

bacon, pinenut & tomato pasta

Look, I don’t know if the photography really does anything for it – but this is a handy backup tomato pasta sauce that everyone here likes. It’s quick, cheap, and it keeps for whenever people deign to come home for dinner.  It’s a good emergency meal for unexpected visitors, or for when you are getting back from holidays. (Keep some bacon in the freezer!)

onion (chopped)
garlic (crushed)
bacon (chopped)
pinenuts (pkt  80-100g)
tins diced tomato
herbs/seasoning to taste
dash red wine

Brown the pinenuts (I spread them out between paper towel in the microwave and give them minute at a time blasts on medium power, mixing them around in between each go.)
Saute chopped onion, crushed garlic, then add the pinenuts.  Chuck in the tins of diced or crushed tomato, and add seasoning and herbs to taste.  Dash of red wine if you like.  Simmer for however long you like.

Serve with pasta of your choice.  Tonight it’s that curly fettucine, just for a change. I think I prefer it with spaghetti though. (And Himself certainly does.)

pasta cookin'

* I read somewhere once that a spoonful of sugar in tomato based sauces brings out the flavour. So I do it!

* I have a stash of a few of those tubes of Gourmet Garden herbs in the freezer – I use the mild chilli.

* I once made this with chopped chicken tenderloin that I fried up first, then put back in after doing the bacon, onion and pinenuts. Tasty.


2 responses to “Bacon & pinenut tomato pasta

  1. Linda

    move over nigella, the aussie domestic godess has arrived on the scene. I have an image in my mind that while you CHUCK in the tins of tomato that you are slurping on that red wine and that is why there is only a splash of wine left to add. STOP

    sorry that is me in my kitchen that I was talking about HA HA

    good recipe, I think I will give it a go

  2. Tracey

    I like to cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food. (Actually, I’m more often on the white wine these days.)

    Please! Nothing remotely like Nigella. These recipes are for ordinary, frazzled mothers who don’t have any sort of luscious, lustful relationship with what they cook.

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