What’s 4 dinner?

The question I hate most from my family is “What’s for dinner?” Over the years I’ve really tired of cooking. I have no great Masterchef type inspirations or abilities. Ifeel like I must be the only person in the world not to. But no.  I have no desire to cook fancy food – that’s what restaurants are for, as far as I’m concerned.

I don’t even have a herb garden. *gasp*! Yes, I use dried herbs. Philistine!

I do have standards though. Most of the time I avoid the packets and jars of concocted sauces and what-have-yous.  (Have you read the ingredient list on those?!!)  Mostly I follow a recipe, but over time I’ve managed to tweak a few recipes here and there, especially to feed 5 of us (when so many recipes say “Serves 4”.)

What I am interested in is quick, easy, and relatively wholesome meals to feed a family – often in between ferrying kids here and there, and then knowing that quite a few nights the Daddy will not be home in time to eat with us, but still needs a good square meal. Standing preparing food isn’t something that relaxes me.

I’ve rarely, if ever, cooked separate meals for the kids – too lazy! They’re not overly fussy, but I don’t do exotic. (Truth be known, I don’t like spicy stuff myself, although Himself loves it. Again – that’s what restaurants are for!) Our eldest refuses to eat seafood (other than crumbed calamari – go figure). Middlest is a fantastic eater. Youngest is so-so. The Daddy will eat anything but isn’t fond of tinned fish, so I try not to make him suffer. (So no tuna bakes to be found here.)  There are a few things I don’t like, and strangely enough those things don’t end up in the food I cook. I think I earn that right.

Probably my cooking tastes are a bit old-fashioned too.  My cooking experience started with the Australian Womens Weekly cookbooks from the late 70s & early 80s and I’ve not progressed too far, other than with a few flirtations with ‘lite’ recipes.  [The AWW  recipe books these days just don’t look the same – a bit too Marie Clare for my liking.]

And of course I have a personal collection of recipes picked up from here and there.

I have a few up my sleeve, but I’m always interested in more, because I’m running out of inspiration!   Once, on my old blog, I put out the call, and one of the suggestions by a commenter (tweaked and cooked my way) has become a family favourite.

I reckon I might have picked up the odd cooking tip over the years though. You don’t  cook most nights for 20 years without learning something, so I wouldn’t mind sharing the sort of tips you read in the cooking sections of magazines.

My youngest thinks I’m a fantastic cook (ha!) – and the eldest thinks I make the best spaghetti bolognaise out. (Masterchefs may disagree, but when she thinks it’s better than any she’s had in any Italian (pizza) restaurants, I can’t be doing too bad.)

So, anyway, I’m going to experiment with posting up some of our tried and trusted family favourites – aimed, it must be said, at other less-than-gourmet family cooks out there, rather than those who might consider themselves ‘foodies’.

I might even branch out from dinners as well. Some people I know have the erroneous impression that I’m a great cook (because I’ve made the odd banana cake or pikelets!)  It makes me laugh, but I guess it’s worth sharing those favourite recipes.

Here goes. (And if you’re wondering about our red meat intake, we seem to eat it most on the weekends when I can get himself to BBQ.)


crumbed chicken drumsticks


smashed potatoes

(you don’t need a recipe for salad – do you? – well, one day I might detail exactly how we like OUR salad. For now, the picture is there to add greenery.
We do eat a lot of salad in this house.)



bacon pinenut tomato pasta


spring bake frittata

pork stir fry



lavash bakes


zucchini slice 'rounds'


chicken in peanut sauce


chicken tenderloins with lemon & parsley


pork fillet with celery & carrot




11 responses to “What’s 4 dinner?

  1. Linda

    a bit quit on the dinner front, i am watching

  2. Linda

    not quit..QUIET

  3. Tracey

    Well, we have been eating, but over the weekend, plain ol’ BBQ’d meat. Totally not worth blogging at all. And I forgot to take a photo of tonight’s pasta- oh well.

    What did YOU have for dinner? Got any easy peasy recipes?

  4. I am a ‘keep it simple, stupid’ type cook. ALthough I do like things a tad exotic sometime, I leave the super complex stuff to my hubby (and yes, he CAN cook! What a find!!!)

    Tried my sausage rolls?

    (You know Jeanie did show me once how to hide the whole address in a linked word, but I have long lost the instruction!!)

  5. Tracey

    I have made something similar once, and have a recipe floating around that uses chicken mince. I will have to have a go at your recipe, and post up the results! Thx!
    (ah, the a href linky thingy! – why they made it so complicated, I have no idea)

  6. Linda

    sorry but I am getting worried about the family. Are they eating takeaway or just beans on toast!
    where is our next dinner story, the wait is killing me!!!

  7. Never fear, we do eat. One night out this week for Ms 11’s birthday. One night was apricot chicken (you don’t need a recipe for bog standard apricot chicken do you?).. and tonight was a cheat meal – something crumbed from the chicken shop and baked in the oven for 40 minutes.

    But, just for you Linda – a new addition. My, I have been busy on the blog tonight.

  8. Linda

    thank you and i do apprciate it

  9. Linda

    r u still cooking, where is the latest recipe please?

  10. LOL, still cooking – well, serving up something to eat for dinner each night anyway. That period without my own computer threw me off track it all. I’ll try and get back into it, just for you Linda – as long as you swap me a recipe or two!

  11. There you go Linda, another one, just for you. (We seem to eat a lot of pork, don’t we?…..)

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