2009 has been a good year – I had my first pieces of writing published!  I guess that makes me a freelance writer! I might be just starting out, but, as they say, from little things big things grow. This is my new motto – and I hope that 2010 will see the list below expand!

I am a Graffiti Artist’aka ‘contributor’ – at Powder Room Graffiti – a website launched this year and designed  for women who are “friendly, articulate”  and old/mature enough to be interested in the lives of other women, and, indeed, “bored of celebrity trivia, weight-loss tips and media bitch-fights”.

A heartfelt thanks to Di at PRG for tracking me down and inviting me to write for them. (I’m hard pressed to put into words just what a confidence boost this gave me.)  Her editing feedback and positive reinforcement continues to be a fantastic learning experience for me.

Two-Up Going North – Published in Australian Cyclist – Nov/Dec 09 Issue.
This is a travel article I wrote about the tandem tour we did in July this year.  I am very chuffed that Aust Cyclist saw merit enough in my writing to publish it!  My first big break into the magazine world.

Now online – albeit without all the photos used in the actual mag feature.

Or you could email me and I can send you a copy on pdf…
If you are at all interested in riding a bike, I highly recommend Australian Cyclist as a magazine for all sorts of cyclists – beginners, social riders, commuters, tourers, through to more experienced ‘roadies’.


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