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A break in transmission.

I know, I know.. I haven’t been around much. So much “Stuff” going on – mainly in my head. Feel guilty if I spend time blogging… disappointed in myself that I don’t. The Writing is in a bit of a funk.

I’ve decided to take a more official, and protracted, break from this blog while I get the rest of my life in order.  Much like any number of sports stars, having made an announcement, I’m bound to have a bout of self-discovery not too far down the track, realise I miss/need it and then make a comeback. Perhaps if I do it will again be as another reinvention. I just haven’t seemed to have found the right theme for myself with this one.

Apart from needing to look busy with renovation stuff (and getting this bombsite of a house in order), I’ve just signed myself up to lose the 10-15kg I need to lose – desperately. Before I get worse.  Before I sink into real depression. And to change my headspace, so that once I feel good about myself, I will then be able to take control in other areas of my life. (Like figuring out how to maybe earn some money!)

I’ve decided to keep a blog about it – partly to join a (hopefully) supportive blogging community of others who have signed up to the same program.  Back to Blogger – Trace Analysis. It is unapologetically all about exercise, weight loss, and working through changing my headspace – so it may not interest most people.

I’ll still be around the blogs though. I know I haven’t been commenting much either, but I’m still checkin’ up on you all… even if it’s just via Twitter or Facebook for a while.

See ya.



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