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The thing I love about blogging  – both reading and writing them – is that you get the opportunity to share other people’s worlds, and their passions in life.

The obvious plus is that internet brings us closer to people from across the other side of the world in a way that you just couldn’t do when I was growing up.  The whole penpal/snail mail thing, while wonderful, just doesn’t rate in comparison.

Something I didn’t quite anticipate when I embraced the blogosphere was feeling so passionate about other Aussies doing their thing in their little patch of the country.  In hindsight – ‘well, duh!’ – Australia is a diverse country! What did I expect?

I don’t know exactly … what I do know is that even when I’m reading about someone’s life in another part of my own country that is so very different to my life (in regional, coastal suburbia!) I still get this ‘chuffed’  feeling –  of a sort of Aussie pride.

So I’m really CHUFFED to introduce – and heck, yeah, to promote! –  a new Aussie blog!

I’m doing the whole fanfare thing, because I’m also chuffed that Cheryl is a local cycling friend – and so she doesn’t live very far away from me at all – barely 20km as the crow flies. And she says that my blogging has inspired her! I’ll take any kudos I can get, frankly…  But I also can’t wait to read and see more about her little slice of life that is so very different to mine.  She calls a kangaroo her ‘daughter’ for heaven’s sakes!  You can’t get more Aussie than that.

Her blog, as you’ll see though, promises to deliver a whole lot more than just furry marsupials! Cheryl is a very inspiring woman who has been through the mill, but come back out fighting!  I also watched her throughout her cycling journey, and am so proud of what she achieved!

Anyway…  choof on over and say g’day. (And then I’ll hit her up for a couple of coffees!)



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Word of mouth

Ad break!

I hope you haven’t bought yourself a 2010 calendar yet. Because you’re going to want one of these:


I daresay I’m preaching to the converted – I’m pretty sure most of my few regulars are already fans of BushBabe’s blog and her gorgeous photography of Aussie country life.  But I suppose you just never know, so just click on the pic of the front cover there, or click here, and get on over to her blog and find out how to get one.

++ If you’d like an idea of what sort of images you’ll find in it, here’s a clue. ++

Anyway.. I’ve sent my order in. Can’t wait to get it, and can’t wait for January now!

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… I have also been at PowderRoomGraffiti , where I have been embracing my inner dag and suggesting something I think they should invent for mothers everywhere.

I’ve also put up some photos of our tandem trip. (Click on the image to link to it.)


I’ve done the captions for these photos TWICE now – as the first time I managed to lose them. With the map, they give an overview of where we went, and where we stayed, etc. Facebooking them into an album is the quickest way of getting them up on the net to share with a range of people.

Today I’ve also done more washing, which seems to keep coming out of the woodwork. And I keep looking at the vacuum cleaner and the filthy floor and thinking I should be doing something about it all. Maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee and ponder it.

Something more like normal blogging transmission due to resume.. sometime soon.


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Bling bling.

Am a bit tardy with this, but a belated thanks to Jeanie for my first bit of bling for this new blog of mine. I’m not sure I’m too deserving – while I “try”, sometimes I think I can be a bit “trying”. But the acknowledgment is appreciated nonetheless.  I shall have to decide where to hang it!


This award is given to the writers of blogs that “are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

Duly, I would like to pass on this to those whose bloggy friendship has supported me through this move and kept me going when I was floundering around in this new location. (And still do!) Naturally I’d give one back to Jeanie…
Otherwise a big *hug* and a thank you to these wonderful women:

Elizabeth @ Probably but not Likely

Bush Babe @ BushBabe

Rootietoot @ Because it Really is Personal

Without looking like some kind of needy, weirdo stalker person, I’m also going to give one over to Rhubarb @ Rhubarb Whine. It may have meant nothing to her, but a lovely email reply to a comment I left on her blog when I discovered it only days ago (and a reciprocal visit to my place) really added some light to my day.  I like her blog too!

These four (plus Jeanie) have really extended the hand of friendship, (and some have been doing so for quite some time) so I won’t diminish the value  of this particular little bit of appreciation by trying to pick out another four “just because”.


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You’re unlikely to see me with a lipstick in my hand, but I’m pretty chuffed to be one of the contributors to a new website that was launched yesterday. Head on over and check it out! (Click on the pic.)


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