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A precious weekend.

You know.. I think I’m a bit of a homebody.  Oh, I love to travel, as you know.  But it’s hard to beat a sunny, autumn  (mid-school holidays/pre netball season madness) weekend at home. Just me, him and the kids – and that beach just over there!

I just had one of those weekends, and I loved it, loved it, loved it.  (Ack.. did I just channel that SYTYCD guy?  Help me!)

Himself arrived home on Friday night after a four-night work trip. Nothing like a bit of absence to make the heart a bit fonder, I guess. Once upon a time a four-night mid-week trip would have been nothing. Pffft! In comparison to 4 weeks (6 weeks. 3 months…) – meh!  But we stopped all that three years ago, saved a marriage, and, obviously, get to enjoy a whole lot more time together.

School holidays – when we don’t go away – can be characterised, around here,  by a bit too much sloth.  Friday afternoon, though, Ms 16 kept a pinky promise  we made with each other (with some sort of ‘thumb lock’!)  and went out for a ride on our road bikes.

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Good stuff 25/11

Food court at the local shopping centre. Lunchtime. Just me.  (My usual M.O. – I spend a fair bit of my weekdays solo.) Carrying a tray with coffee and a sandwich.  Looking around for a spare table.

Suddenly I see an arm waving at me. Woo! Someone I know.

Someone to sit and talk to over lunch.


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Good stuff 24/11/09

So the awesome tag isn’t really ‘me’, somehow. Bit OTT and gushy really – which doesn’t really go with my image.

But I’m still committed to taking note of the good stuff each day, if I can remember to do it! (I’m sure that’ll be as about as consistent as, say, my housework….)

Today’s Good Stuff:

Would you believe there’s actually a good side to all the chauffeuring I do for my kids.  Sometimes it seems as if it’s the only time I get to talk one on one with any of the girls.   (These days when all are old enough to be left at home if not required.)  OK, sometimes they ignore me. Ms 11 has been known, on more than one occasion, to read a book. (Yep, in the car, don’t know how she does it.)

And the other two – well, it depends on their mood. But sometimes, just sometimes, you get to talk, just the two of you, with no interruptions. Like today, with Ms 16.

Which is good.


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Awesome things

Ms 16 sent me a link to this blog – 1000 Awesome Things.

I know I often get ‘blogged down’ with the whinges and whines, even if I do try as hard as I can to turn them into a bit of self deprecating comedy.  I know, too,  that all too often I forget to acknowledge all the awesome things in my life. (Except for living near the beach. I do go on about the beach a bit, don’t I?)

Well, anyway, I’ve been having fun browsing through all those posts, and having a real out loud chuckle at quite a few that I can really relate to.  (How about you?)

And so I’ve decided I’m going to try to make a point of blogging something “awesome” every day, whether it be as an addendum to another post, or a standalone. I should never have the excuse of not being able to think of anything to blog about ever again, should I?

I spent much of yesterday in a bit of a funk and a bad mood, which is not at all helpful to anyone, least of all myself. And have you ever noticed, it’s often really trivial stuff that can put you in a mood? (Or is that just me?)

Well, whatever, maybe it’s time to more regularly focus on the positives, no matter how trivial.

[Or should I save it all up for a weekly post?  What do you think?]

Anyway, here’s a couple to get things started:


The freshest bread ever. A white, uncut loaf. Crusts not burnt, but jusssst right. With butter.  (Real butter, not marg.)

Yummmmmm.  (Not good for me at all, but yuuuummmmmm.)

I’m categorising that in “AWESOME”

This morning:
On the weekend I finally re-jigged another article for PRG (I’ve had it in the ‘I don’t know where to start to fix it’ basket for weeks and weeks.) I just got an email back from the editor with a thumbs up (and minimal reediting.)

To translate that into more general terms, it’s the feeling you get when you finally deal with something you’ve been procrastinating about, because you really didn’t know how to attack it. You finally bite the bullet and have a go. And you come up trumps. (Look Tracey, you CAN do it after all!)



So what are a couple of awesome little things that you noticed from the past day?  I really mean the little bitsy sorts of things in life we often forget to acknowledge, rather than a general thanksgiving (even if my timing happens to coincide…)


Whack them down in comments for me, and put a smile on my face!


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