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Running away from home. Day 2.

The main reason to stay in a suburb close to the city was that I could check out, but leave the car in their back yard. And walk. A morning constitutional along the Brisbane River would be a fine thing to do, I thought.

It was only a few blocks down to the water – with a Woollies supermarket and a bakery conveniently located on the way.  Some vitals for brekkie purchased, then consumed on a seat overlooking the river and Story Bridge, and I had some fuel to keep going.  Brisbane city has a wonderful promenade right along the river bank, and I knew that there were cafes along there.  Problem was I couldn’t make up my mind which one to stop at,  and then ended up beyond the options and into the Botanic Gardens.   I should have kept going over the bridge to Southbank, but I was starting to get a bit desperate for my breakfast coffee, and the Queen Street mall (and airconditioning) was the stronger attraction. That morning sun was packing a punch  – and I’d walked about 4km already. On no coffee, that was quite an achievement, especially given it was already mid-morning. It’s not like I got up early after the night before!

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Running away from home. Day 1.

More about my two-day escapade last week, as promised:
[Gah, it’s long. Maybe a cup of tea is in order as you take a trip up the coast with me…]

Running away from home when you’re a SAHM involves a bit of planning and scheming. More , for instance, than one’s husband has to do when he goes off to do what he wants to do…  Ok, that’s probably not a fair statement – when he goes away for his work, obviously there’s work stuff to prepare.  And when he went to New Zealand to play Touch the other weekend, he had no end of drama with flights.  But he doesn’t ever have to worry about what we’re doing. Everything at home will just trundle on without him.

If I want to rack off by myself, I have to make sure that everything is going to function for the four of them in my absence. If I left them without knowing what they could eat for dinner, there’d be an outcry!

On this occasion, just to make things more challenging, we had visitors from out of town who stayed the night before. It certainly represented a packing challenge for me in the morning. But also, while I was cooking dinner I had to ensure that I made something for the clowns to eat without me the next night as well.

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