A list of my post categories, with a bit of a description. It’s still a work in progress, so there will be more as I gradually shape and mould this blog…

So far:

It’s just another manic mum day.

I have three kids.  Three girls – lucky me.. lucky Dad!!  I love them to death – they are gorgeous, smart, funny, sporty, and I am so bloody proud of them. They are my life.  Sometimes I’ll even blog about the good stuff (we all need to puff out our chests occasionally and be able to boast about our loved ones! Reflected glory and all that.)   But mostly I leave that to my annual  christmas newsletter where I look back on the previous year with my rose coloured glasses and annoy the crap out of friends and relatives with tales of all the positive things that have transpired for us all over 12 months.

Many days,  of course, they drive me crazy. They drive me to drink, coffee, chocolate, and banging my head against the wall.  And that is good blog fodder, isn’t it, because it’s such a relief to share with the world, and find out that you’re not doing it alone.

lost in procrastination

I’m a top level procrastinator. I’m the Queen of Procrastination. It’s such a talent, I should get paid for it. When I’m doing one thing, I always think I should be doing something else. In fact.. why am I mucking around with this? Right now I should be vacuuming, repairing netball bibs for the school, doing some exercise,  fixing up an article that I will actually be paid for, going through the Javascript notes (and, do I or don’t I have homework due in for that? eep!).. or experimenting with 2D animation for the other class… or working on the new website design for the BUG group, or fixing up the netball association website – in fact, I should redo that one too.. and should I enrol in that online writing course I’ve been mulling over.. oh but really, I could mow the front yard… and what are we having for dinner, and when am I going to cook it?… ….

Get the picture?