Once more upon the beach

If I can’t give you words, well I can give you images. Beach images. Of course.  With low tide coinciding with late afternoon at the moment, it’s definitely my favourite time for doing my beach walk thing.

Naturally after not taking my camera the other afternoon (whereupon I was going *click, click, click* in my head with all these perfect ‘mind’s eye’ shots), yesterday afternoon, camera clutched in my hand I was struggling.

Come to think of it, I was out a bit earlier than the other afternoon. You have to time it properly –  till the setting sun brings out that exquisite pastel pallette.

Meanwhile, with my small (but dedicated!) blogging audience to appease, there had to be something on the beach I hadn’t photographed before…



I see them all the time on the beach, and they always looks to me like man-made rubbery things.

Like broken rubbery.. seals; and often there are loads of them washed up on the beach.

In the interests of investigation, this time I picked up one to look more closely at it. Just for you of course!

Hmmm. Perhaps they aren’t rubber after all.

It looks distinctly seaweedy to me.

As for what sort it is, I have no idea, and right now, with my ginormous list of Things To Do, skiving off on a Google seaweed search isn’t even on the front page, never mind near the top.

If someone has the time and inclination to suss it out (or perhaps is on friendly terms with a botanist) well… you could let me know, and maybe I could arrange some sort of prize. (Heaven knows what – I’ve never considered that option before, but when I think about it, I’m sure I could organise, say, a print – of your choice – of one of my beach scenes?)

That’s a long shot I know. But if someone comes through with the research, I promise to put my money where my mouth is!

Otherwise, we can all just go “Hmmm, how quaint it is the things one finds on Australian beaches!”

And, for the sake of adding some colour to this anticipated blog post, I prolonged my walk on the beach long enough to get some of that pastel pink into the photos:

(I confess to tweaking this one, above, in photoshop, but all the rest, I swear, are au naturale!)

(What beach post of mine would be complete without The Island?)

With visions like this on my beach on many an afternoon, heaven knows why I don’t make it down there every day.

I suppose I might just get blasé about it.

And you might too!


[Ed: Mystery solved!]



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12 responses to “Once more upon the beach

  1. Nice shots. No idea on the rubbery things- I think you’re on the right track though. Someone like Brian would know (cycling freak Brian).

  2. I want the prize but I don’t know the answer to the question! Do I get a prize for trying, ha ha

  3. I got nothin’… but I love those last shots especially!

  4. The Feral beast offspring suggested if they are rough to touch they might be the remains of eggs from a fish or sea creature rather than seaweed.
    Sharks sometimes have conical eggs but nothing like your find.

  5. I’ll leave the asking Brian bit to you Cheryl!

    Linda, you call that trying?! That’s called ‘wanting’.

    Thx BB!

    Hmm, interesting thought Jayne – that’s occurred to me before too. But they are fairly smooth to touch though… (Tho’ now I’ll have to go check them out again and rate the smoothness…)

  6. Have you tried them in soup? You have an abundance of daughters, perhaps a scientific experiment is in order!!

    (I am joking – how replaceable is the hubby?)

  7. Wendy

    “Hmmm, how quaint it is the things one finds on Australian beaches!” that’s about the best I can come up with (and it wasn’t even original)!
    Seriously no idea – have never seen them before and I have walked a few k’s on beaches in SEQ over the years – maybe its a Mexican thing!?
    Definitely don’t become blase’ (comment box doesn’t allow correct use of ‘) about where you live. … and keep up those gorgeous photos.

  8. I remember finding things like that on beaches when I was a kid and being told they were shark egg bits. A quick google now and maybe they could be bits from a horn shark or port jackson shark egg? Check out the Australian Museum website. Love all your photos by the way! Fantastic!

  9. Cheryl, I’ll let you ask Brian!

    Linda, that’s called ‘wanting’, not ‘trying’ !! LOL

    Interesting idea Jayne.. I just don’t know how to find out!

    Jeanie, LOL – can’t see the Abundance of Daughters going for that idea! I’ll get back to you on how replaceable Himself is… 😉

    Wendy, I’ll try not to become blasé ! (Tip: I google words with accents or acutes or whatever, then copy and paste!) I’m becoming a bit obsessed with what the heck these things are now! (And we here in NSW call the Victorians the Mexicans!)

    Hi Jen, welcome to my blog! Another vote for ‘animal’ rather than ‘vegetable’, huh! Hmmmm. That shark egg case (http://australianmuseum.net.au/image/Egg-case-of-a-Port-Jackson-Shark/) definitely has similarities with the cylindrical flange-like shape … but the colour isn’t right.. and they seem to get washed up whole.
    [Thanks about the photos! Glad you’re enjoying them!]

    Looks like I have to solve this one now!

  10. I’ve sent in a query to the Discovery Centre at the Museum Victoria – ok, so wrong state, but they might be able to help! So, we’ll come back to this little mystery!

  11. Extremely envious of your beach access. I want to go to the beach. I so want to go to the beach. You lucky duck.

    No idea on the ‘thing-ys’. As noted, I have very little beach experience.

  12. But Debby! You get bears!
    Seriously, I know we’re lucky living here. However I think the key is to find the ‘wonderful’ in wherever you live. I think BushBabe has very much inspired me in this. (And of course Jeanie, who lives by the beach and called it Paradise first!)

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