It appears I have forgotten how to write – except in short bursts of 140 characters. (Oh, ok.. a few more when I wander over to Facebook from Twitter.)

My conscience tells me I shouldn’t spend time blogging (I can easily lose a whole morning writing a single post) – yet I spend the same amount of time surfing aimlessly between Tweetdeck, Facebook, blogs, the news, and my favourite time-wasting sites.

I do a bit of desultory commenting – but even feel like I have failed my blog friends with my lack of involvement. I am still keeping tabs on everyone… I’m just… not quite all here…

This lack of direction probably reflects everything in my life right now. Like blog, like life – I’m lacking a theme, and a sense of purpose.

Maybe it’s the netball fatigue.

The State Age weekend is over. The 15 yr old’s team did well. The 12 yrs team didn’t win a game, and it was hard to watch. Both Netball Dad and I truly wondered if we should have got this team together. Their coach (our Ms 17) is upset with us for expressing that – she can only see positives, looks only at improvement, however small it was (and not at the million times they didn’t do the basics she’d been trying to teach them.)

Let’s just say I am enjoying the break from all things netball over the rest of the school holidays. Though trying to get the mountains – nay, volcanoes (the type that form up out of nowhere) – of washing done and dried last week was a feat in itself. (Annoying weather it was, damp, cloudy days that prevented the usual simple line-drying in a day approach. Plus the dryer died again!)

By the weekend I finally caught up – and then Himself and I dusted off the tandem (actually – he did that, after having taken it in to the bike shop recently to get something fixed on it) – and we did our first tandem ride in more than 6 months. His idea of easing back into it was a 35km ride down the highway and back. Apart from the chestiness (new medical term I just made up to describe the lingering chesty cough feeling in my lungs), I was actually surprised at how I pulled up. Now we just have to make it a regular thing again.

Next project now is to get a handle on starting the renovations/extensions. I’m dropping off the Owner Builder permit application to Fair Trading today. I made a start on trying to clear out some junk on the weekend. But I think Himself needs to take a week or two off work to get the ball rolling.

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk on the beach. It’s criminal how long it has been since I’ve done that. I didn’t take the camera, and of course wished that I had. There’s a potential photographer hiding deep down within me – she just doesn’t know how to get out.

Right now I’m off to take Ms 11 and friend to the movies. Toy Story 3. I could do without seeing it in 3D, but they insist.

Regular transmission may resume again soon – once I find my writing mojo amongst the mess. Perhaps I need to go out and buy a new direction. Any idea where they sell those?



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6 responses to “Aimless

  1. Sorry can’t agree that you are aimless. Netball, washing, renovations, cycling, beach walking – what a life, full of stuff and worthwhile stuff too – the stuff of family raising and living life. Think you may have the winter blues – me too a bit, never fear spring will soon be here! (A poet I am not!). I’m not blogging much as I’ve volunteered for a committee again (why do I do that – a piece of 4×2 rattled over my head regularly would probably achieve the same in less time.) We’ll get back to it. See you on the road somewhere.

  2. I have been missing your blogs, so life here is not the same either. I also put it down to the weather. It is DRAB outside and I think after too many days of DRAB it rubs off and everything then seems boring. Well, that is my explanation……..chin up

  3. OK, once you’ve finished that lot, d’you think you could tackle the federal and state elections, sort out the oil spill and manage world peace?
    Before lunchtime tomorrow?
    Take a break, you need it lol.

  4. MissyBoo

    Fabulous to see a post over here! Glad all is well and busy over your way 🙂

  5. Wendy

    I think you’ve been busy. Just that – busy. We are all busy things move way too fast. … it’s just that you have been able to push away from the computer more than I have! Have missed your posts, but then again, I waste too much time on the computer!! haha. Oh BTW I think that you’ll find New Direction located far away from the Procrastination area.

  6. Aww, guys, thanks for dropping in! I was actually surprised to find I hadn’t been filed away as MIA.

    It’s the Something Blues, anyway, Cheryl. Yes I should try and go riding with you guys again (it’s just you always go so damn early!)

    What about your blog Linda? I’ve been checking that too.. and facebook. I think you’ve just been gadding about overseas and interstate! 😉

    Jayne, I can’t keep my kitchen bench clear – the oil spill and world peace will have to wait a little longer! I do have a twitterline to the PM and I’m not averse to making a few remarks! Can’t see me changing policy though.

    I think we’re all busy, MB! In different ways. At least we have a few ways of keeping tabs on everyone. Thank goodness for twitter, I say.

    Oh Wendy, I’m still managing to waste time on the computer – but I’m glad you think that writing a blog post isn’t wasted time!! I think you’re right about the whereabouts of New Direction. I just don’t seem to have a map to help me find my way out of Procrastination Land… Google Maps is no help at all!

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