Chasing the weather

I have recently found out about this really cool Aussie weather website called The Weather Chaser. If you, like me, have a fascination with checking out ‘The Radar’, you’ll just love this.

On the Radar Loop link, radar images from the BOM weather watch radar network are archived (some back to 2008). So when you get a big rain event, you can, basically, enter the dates, and then watch it in replay.

This is one for our neck of the woods over the past few days – the weather event that included the tornado/waterspout/twister that wreaked absolute havoc on the little seaside village of Lennox Head on Thursday morning.

If you click on the link below it’ll take you to the ‘replay’ for that period.  Lennox Head is up near Byron Bay.

See : 256km Radar Loop for Grafton, 23:00 01/06/2010 to 23:00 04/06/2010 UTC

On Thursday I caught the bus – at 6.30 am – up the coast to Tweed Heads (got there at 11.30) – bought a car (a private sale) and drove back home again. Needless to say with the rain we had overnight, and the forecast, I was a little bit anxious about my four hour plus drive home. I was lucky – it was all heading south, so I only copped rain the last 30km of my trip.

The bus, on the way up, was actually scheduled to stop in Lennox Head itself – needless to say that didn’t happen. The bus had to negotiate  some floodwater on the way up – and on the way back I had to first queue for yonks, then drive our lovely clean ‘new’ car through water on the way back.

I also had to queue again further south as the involuntary audience to a truck being towed back out of a ditch near some canefields.

A not uneventful day, you might say. But at least I got to check out just what the rain did (and how lucky I was!) afterwards!

I haven’t yet taken a photo of our new “baby” – and Himself is surprised I haven’t yet blogged it.  I guess I have the topic for my next post all sorted out.



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4 responses to “Chasing the weather

  1. Rhu

    I love that weather tool too.
    You know, we should meet in the middle one day, I don’t mind the drive down. x

  2. Wendy

    Wow – talk about freaky luck with the trip. Lucky timing I’d say. Looking forward to seeing your next *top gear* segment!

  3. Love Weather Chaser, haven’t been there before but saw that blob off Lennox on the BOM radar and thought – yikes! Glad you’re home safe.

  4. Hi Tracey,

    Just found your post from the link coming through to my site! Thanks for your kind words. Please let us know if you have any other comments and/or suggestions for the site. Also FYI, some of the radar images go back as far as March 2005.



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