Precious moments

The girls had another rep netball carnival on Sunday. It’s the last one the three of them will be at as players.  Ms 17 heads off to her State competition in (under) two weeks time – the June long weekend –  while the other two have a few more weeks before “State Age” (12-15 yrs) the first weekend of July.  (And then they will be at separate venues.)

So, as any relatively chuffed Mum would do, I decided that the family photo archives definitely needed a photo of the three of them together in their rep uniforms. For posterity and all that. It’s been a significant netball year for the family .. right?

So…  second last time slot of the day – miraculously, all of them are off at the same time.

“Quick girls.. can I get a picture of the three of you?!!”

Pah.. sentimentality is the domain of soppy mothers, it seems.

Now I wish I’d just taken a video to record just how annoying two teenage sisters can be when you try to take a photo!

I guess this one doesn’t look quite as bad as it did through the viewer…

But Sentimental Mum thought it would be a bit nicer if they weren’t standing there like three random strangers … I mean.. would it actually  kill them to throw an arm around a shoulder? To look like they cared for each other. A bit?

Guess we mums live in the past a bit. We remember how CUTE (and snuggly) they used to be together…

And then, of course, we take a trip down memory lane.


Hmmm… There… about five years ago – a sign of things to come.  What happened to the side-by-side hug thing?

That was 2005 …

And, with Ms Eldest starting to get behind the camera herself, photos of the three of them together at all are harder to come by – never mind ones where they might actually come into contact with each other…

So.. in retrospect, it was something of a miracle that, on Sunday, I finally got this, after much nagging:

Look! Almost hug-like! (Though there’s a certain hand, belonging to Ms 17, that was on its way up to form rabbit ears behind Ms 11’s head.)

The only other consolation was that when I tried to get photos of other sets of sisters playing with the association, I had one pair standing in a similar stand offish manner… and then one sister of another pair said “no way” and bolted.

Teenagers. Gotta love ’em.



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10 responses to “Precious moments

  1. Aw they’re gorgeous. Love the water mark too! Definitely a Google ad again, just above the comment section.

  2. Hmm, stuff the google ads – if there are going to be google ads on my blog, I’ll have the money thanks!

  3. Great photos, the girls look lovely 🙂
    Well done on capturing them at all ! lol

  4. What a gorgeous threesome. Can see lots of you in Ms 17 BTW… heh. Hope they ‘get’ how proud their Mum is!

  5. Awe, Lovely girls! Don’t sweat having to bully/bribe them into signs of affection. I can’t get my kids to do it either.

  6. THEY ARE SMILING, accept that as a very good thing.
    Nice collection of your girls.

  7. Wendy

    I think all the photos are gorgeous – see what you mean though about the cuteness factor in the early years. I don’t think we would be mothers if we didn’t sigh over the early photos of our babes. Sigh.
    However – you have 3 lovely girls – together – all at once in photos …. well done!

  8. I love the “c ga gs” shot – and that lovely trip down memory lane.

  9. Aww, thanks all. Yes, they are smiling, E, in the current photos – but much of that is because they KNEW they were tormenting their mother!

  10. MissyBoo

    Your girls look lovely (even if sometimes they don’t act it) 😉

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