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If you’d told me…

If you’d told me, say, 20 years ago, that in my late forties I’d be just about living and breathing netball, I’d have laughed.  I’d never played it – and indeed, I still never have.   We were also possibly a bit wary about having our weekends tied up with sport commitments – so I didn’t really intend to get that involved.

Funny how things turn out.   I only chose netball as a sport for our eldest to try because at around age six or seven the local netball didn’t travel all over the district. Same place, same time, every week. With a husband travelling around overseas all the time, and three kids, I decided that sounded like a good idea.


So she liked it, and then so did #2. And then so did # 3.   A few years later #1 started playing rep – and so the mother with a conscience went to an AGM, feeling like she should contribute something. The Dad got interested (because he has a team sports head), and has even coached a couple of years, done the umpire exam, and gone to a couple of coaching courses.

And this year (as I’ve said before), they’ve all been playing rep, and the eldest has been coaching rep, and Ms 14 has been helping coach Ms 11’s junior team.

And it feels like it’s been carnival after carnival; we were in Sydney last weekend for the three-day State Championships for Ms 17, and there’s a one day carnival tomorrow for the younger two. In two weeks time we’re back down south again for State Age.

Just when I think that in July I can celebrate the end of the madness, I realise that there are two age carnivals to go to in August, and that I should be doing something for the netball association in the next week about organising teams for that – because it shouldn’t all be about rep.

I just feel like I bloody live at the netball clubhouse.  (I’m managing the canteen ordering this year, so I spend Saturdays in the canteen as well as ‘being there’ for the training twice a week.)

In a bit of a twist, it’s the Daddy who is the one actively involved in the game itself – he’s coached, and played a couple of mixed comps, and (as I’ve illustrated before here) gets out in the back yard shooting goals with the girls.  He has a tactical team sports mind – something that totally eludes me.

The discussion of tips and tactics often continues inside….   Did you ever see Bend it Like Beckham? There’s a scene where Keira Knightly’s character’s Dad is using table implements and condiments to explain the rules of football to his wife…

… well, we get the netball version happening here:

The glass of water and the beer bottle are the goal posts. The beer cap is the centre circle. The forks represent the transverse lines. (The hairy knee has nothing to do with it, other than to perhaps indicate the owner of the finger doing the pointing.)

I can’t see all this being over any time soon. While Ms 17 may well be going away to uni next year, there are a few years left yet with the other two…

Meanwhile this year it just feels particularly all-consuming.

Funny how life turns out sometimes.



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Chasing the weather

I have recently found out about this really cool Aussie weather website called The Weather Chaser. If you, like me, have a fascination with checking out ‘The Radar’, you’ll just love this.

On the Radar Loop link, radar images from the BOM weather watch radar network are archived (some back to 2008). So when you get a big rain event, you can, basically, enter the dates, and then watch it in replay.

This is one for our neck of the woods over the past few days – the weather event that included the tornado/waterspout/twister that wreaked absolute havoc on the little seaside village of Lennox Head on Thursday morning.

If you click on the link below it’ll take you to the ‘replay’ for that period.  Lennox Head is up near Byron Bay.

See : 256km Radar Loop for Grafton, 23:00 01/06/2010 to 23:00 04/06/2010 UTC

On Thursday I caught the bus – at 6.30 am – up the coast to Tweed Heads (got there at 11.30) – bought a car (a private sale) and drove back home again. Needless to say with the rain we had overnight, and the forecast, I was a little bit anxious about my four hour plus drive home. I was lucky – it was all heading south, so I only copped rain the last 30km of my trip.

The bus, on the way up, was actually scheduled to stop in Lennox Head itself – needless to say that didn’t happen. The bus had to negotiate  some floodwater on the way up – and on the way back I had to first queue for yonks, then drive our lovely clean ‘new’ car through water on the way back.

I also had to queue again further south as the involuntary audience to a truck being towed back out of a ditch near some canefields.

A not uneventful day, you might say. But at least I got to check out just what the rain did (and how lucky I was!) afterwards!

I haven’t yet taken a photo of our new “baby” – and Himself is surprised I haven’t yet blogged it.  I guess I have the topic for my next post all sorted out.


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Precious moments

The girls had another rep netball carnival on Sunday. It’s the last one the three of them will be at as players.  Ms 17 heads off to her State competition in (under) two weeks time – the June long weekend –  while the other two have a few more weeks before “State Age” (12-15 yrs) the first weekend of July.  (And then they will be at separate venues.)

So, as any relatively chuffed Mum would do, I decided that the family photo archives definitely needed a photo of the three of them together in their rep uniforms. For posterity and all that. It’s been a significant netball year for the family .. right?

So…  second last time slot of the day – miraculously, all of them are off at the same time.

“Quick girls.. can I get a picture of the three of you?!!”

Pah.. sentimentality is the domain of soppy mothers, it seems.

Now I wish I’d just taken a video to record just how annoying two teenage sisters can be when you try to take a photo!

I guess this one doesn’t look quite as bad as it did through the viewer…

But Sentimental Mum thought it would be a bit nicer if they weren’t standing there like three random strangers … I mean.. would it actually  kill them to throw an arm around a shoulder? To look like they cared for each other. A bit?

Guess we mums live in the past a bit. We remember how CUTE (and snuggly) they used to be together…

And then, of course, we take a trip down memory lane.


Hmmm… There… about five years ago – a sign of things to come.  What happened to the side-by-side hug thing?

That was 2005 …

And, with Ms Eldest starting to get behind the camera herself, photos of the three of them together at all are harder to come by – never mind ones where they might actually come into contact with each other…

So.. in retrospect, it was something of a miracle that, on Sunday, I finally got this, after much nagging:

Look! Almost hug-like! (Though there’s a certain hand, belonging to Ms 17, that was on its way up to form rabbit ears behind Ms 11’s head.)

The only other consolation was that when I tried to get photos of other sets of sisters playing with the association, I had one pair standing in a similar stand offish manner… and then one sister of another pair said “no way” and bolted.

Teenagers. Gotta love ’em.


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