Great Distractions

Well, yes, I’m a Procrastinator Extraordinaire – as some of you will have figured out by now. It doesn’t take much each day to derail me from my good intentions.  Pretty much ANYTHING on the computer will distract me from a new day’s resolution. Reading blogs – never mind writing them. Check Facebook. Check Twitter. Check email. (Lather, rinse, repeat.) Play around with netball photos and the website. Check the newspaper online. Check out my favourite Timewaster sites.

There is so much I should be doing, that I have pushed my writing to the side, and even been contemplating a blogging sabbatical . Hell, even an INTERNET sabbatical. (This house will never get cleaned, and the renovations never done otherwise.)

Today, though (while still procrastinating about my procrastinating)  I got completely sidetracked with making a Watermark for my photos. Oh BushBabe – it wasn’t a priority today, but I couldn’t help myself once given the instructions in your post. Suddenly the idea of doing a watermark on my photos gained the highest priority.

I even went font hunting. (Love this site – Abstract Fonts )

After much trial and error, I’ve come up with once I like.

I think.

Now I’m not so sure.

Does this look better?

Is it opaque enough? What else could I have done to it to make it watermark-y?

Or what about something like this…?

Actually, I like that last one. But how do I make it look good on a dark background?

Should it be bigger.. or smaller?

Should I even bother? I mean, my photos aren’t that good.

Well.. I’m now awaiting BB’s instructions on how to make it into a photoshop Action.   And hoping that somewhere down the track this photoshop experimentation leads to something worthwhile that doesn’t make me feel quite so much like I’ve procrastinated the day away!



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3 responses to “Great Distractions

  1. Yes and I have to say you were clearly a carrier of this infectious disease because this computer virus thingy has me in its spell too – I’m not blaming Bush Babe I am clearly blaming you….:-)

  2. Gosh guys… is it my fault? Gads… your husbands will all be after me (and not in a ‘good’ way!). I promise to do the Actions instructions soon – but not tonight. I tried pretending I could still ride a horse today – let’s just say my mind and my knees (and thighs) are currently in violent disagreement!

  3. Which one, though, BB, which one?!

    Yep, blame me, Cheryl. I get blamed for everything else round here.

    As for the actions – I could just google it, I’m sure. (Seems to me I need to do something different depending on the background, though??)

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