Images of an early start.

I don’t do mornings very well at all, so anytime I’m up before the sun requires some acknowledgment at the very least.  And I’m always after some sort of silver lining – something to take the edge off how hard it felt hauling my sorry backside out of bed in the dark.

The girls had a rep netball carnival yesterday at another country town. Google Directions reckoned on it being a 2.5 hour drive – although Mr Navigation here assured me it could be done in around 2 hours and 10.   He’s usually pretty good on estimating this sort of stuff – and I learnt from another carnival drive  a couple of weeks ago that Google Maps/Directions tended to be  overly generous on the time required.  (What did we do before Google maps? Actually look up maps, distances,  and do some mental arithmetic – allowing for slower speed limits through towns? To actually think?!)

So I’m thinking “Google says 2.5 hours –  Himself says a smidgin over 2 – let’s allow 2 hrs 15.”  Arriving by 8.15 for a 9am start seemed perfectly reasonable.

Of course the carnival draw changed a couple of days ago – now an 8.30 start for Ms 11’s team – meaning we needed to be there by maybe 7. 45 – well before 8am at the latest. Suddenly I’m looking down the barrel of a pre-5am wake up – something I’m not particularly good at.  (I don’t like seeing that “4” on the digital clock!) It’s also been a while since we’ve done this ‘getting up in the dark’ lark for our bike riding follies, so I’m quite a bit out of practice.

And then I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Dreams. (Or nightmares, rather…)  I dreamt that we were heading to this carnival, but I stopped to buy a coffee at a town along the route. But the service in a cafe was really slow (and they ignored me!) – and the next thing I was buying tea towels (!) in another shop – tea towel designs I didn’t even like. Go figure.  The dream degenerated, as they do, into crazier and crazier things – and I would wake up, relieved that it was just a dream – but stressed that I was thereby not getting my precious sleep – and then I’d fall back into the same bloody dream again.

Needless to say didn’t wake up feeling particularly refreshed. Thank goodness Himself was driving.

He set a departure time of 5.45 –  though I tried (to Ms 14’s chagrin) to get us out the door a few minutes earlier.  (And she doesn’t believe in giving yourself even 30 seconds to spare when you get ready – you time it to the last nanosecond – with no contingency time allowed!)

Then, for some reason,  Himself, despite his knowledge of the route, brought the Sat Nav along. “Karen“.  And as we set off just before 5.45, and I entered in our destination,  SHE reckoned our ETA was 8.13.


Despite all that I think about “Karen” – of course I STRESSED!

Mr Navigation played it cool, and half way into the drive, the ETA had been scaled back to around 8am. I did suggest that being booked for speeding would not only be a financial blow, but it would eat into the time he had just made up.

Of course, in hindsight it is obvious that Google Directions calculates these time estimations on a speed of around 80 kph rather than 100.

And of course we got there at 7.45!! – among the first people to arrive.

And I didn’t need to stop for coffee OR tea towels.

And those silver linings that I look for? Well, there are positives to early morning starts I guess. There was no time, of course,  to do a BushBabe and stop for photos! But I couldn’t help snapping a few through the filthy windscreen and hoping that some might turn out.

Half, of course, were blurry and useless. But I don’t mind these:

Now that’s something I wouldn’t have seen had I done my usual Sunday morning thing.

I didn’t get round to taking any photos at the netball – I left that to others with better zooms on their cameras for catching action shots.

And I didn’t get one of Ms 11 playing for the first time in the association rep dress.  Or, a first time shot of the THREE of them in their rep dresses.  Or a shot of a very tired Ms 16 who played AND coached.

We arrived home after sunset, did lazy takeaway pizza for dinner, and had all the girls – including myself – in bed early.

And preparing to do it all again in two weeks time! Well, actually – that carnival is only a 20 minute drive away, so I may actually let the sun rise before me that Sunday!



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4 responses to “Images of an early start.

  1. Beautiful shots. I’m pleased to be an early riser, best time of the day, the old sunrise, but getting harder with this chilly weather. Well done to the netballers!

  2. Wendy

    Well done all round. Somehow (you sound like me) it is always such a nice surprise to actually arrive a bit early. Sort of … um ok what do we do now we’re here?!

  3. Great shots… my trouble is that I am always driving!!!

  4. I’m with you, and arising before the sun (or even for awhile after it) isn’t my thing! It makes those sunrises even more special when you do see them 🙂

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