Renovation ideas?

Thinking of putting one of these in with the renos.

Epic Kludge Photo - Wheeee!

Well, no, not really.

But how COOL would that be?

Whenever I need a laugh, (and I did yesterday  – yesterday seemed to have a succession of minor things that just really ANNOYED me)… I head to There I Fixed It. It never fails to induce a giggle. And I end up skyping links to Himself sitting across the room on his laptop.

So I went to bed last night in a much better frame of mind.

The staircase above doesn’t really qualify as a “kludge” – (like, where’s the duct tape?) It’s just super cool.

And, Ms 11, when I showed her today, has been jumping up and down wanting us to somehow include a spiral staircase AND slippery dip with the renovations.


Just in her dreams, maybe. And mine!



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6 responses to “Renovation ideas?

  1. Now THAT is cool. So many useful uses (?) for that setup.. awwww. Come on MUM! Can we? Puh-lease?

  2. Wendy

    Oh that is so cool. Big mistake showing it to your family though! I want one too (can it somehow be worked into a one story ranchstyle?)
    Thanks for linking to that site….. what a laugh. I personally love the taped up train carriage.
    This is another site you might like – I’m sure if you scroll through there you will find some reno ideas!

  3. Oh my God I have to learn a whole new language now I’m blogging. What the …. is a kludge? Love the staircase and you definiely need a slide in yor renos. Thanks to Wendy for lovelylistings – poeple have some amazing subjects to blog about!

  4. Oh dear, sorry to ruin it but I can see a pile of laundry sitting on the floor after the kiddies have sent each dirty pair of socks down the slide.

    I’d rather see a bit of magic that whisks clothes upstairs, ironing along the way, and settles them into the right closets and drawers.

  5. Y’know, you’d never have trouble getting them out of bed in the mornings! lol

  6. “Useful uses” BB?!! Tautology much? LOL.

    Thanks for the link Wendy, always love to get new sites – hadn’t seen that one before!

    A kludge, Cheryl? Just another one of those slang terms you pick up online! Remember, you can always JFGI!

    Elizabeth, the bottom few steps of our stairs are always piled with stuff that’s supposed to be taken UPstairs, so no difference!

    I wonder, Jayne.. do you think the novelty would wear off?

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