Miscellaneous woes.

We had a very quiet and lazy day. A day which also happened to be mother’s day – but seeing I’m not into the whole hype of it all, it was effectively just a lazy autumn Sunday – but a much needed lazy one nonetheless.  With rep netball carnivals pretty much every second Sunday, and of course Saturdays being taken up with netball, and netball or some other sport every other afternoon or evening during the week, it was just good to have a day in which noone had to be anywhere.

So I celebrated with a dull headache that wouldn’t quite go away. [I think I’ve been trying to skimp on chiropractor visits – I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and go again. Maybe he can sort out the weird pains in my left arm as well.]

Other than my stupid niggling issues, things have been a bit eventful otherwise – with Ms 11 injuring her wrist at netball the previous Saturday. Grand timing it was – the day before her first ever rep carnival.

Poor kid – she’s been dragged around to rep carnivals – watching her older sisters – for the past 5 years. This year was her chance – and our little association managed to pull together a 12s rep team at the eleventh hour – coached by our very own Ms 16. The excitement was building for their first ever carnival (they hasn’t formed the team in time for the first one)  and then – whammo – she has to sit and watch all day.

It’s not broken (we spent hours at A & E on the Saturday afternoon to get it x-rayed).  Things have been rather up and down with it this past week. It felt better when I strapped it on Sunday night  (instead of that compression bandage (above) issued by the doctor at the hospital.  And I have to say the most improvement she’s had since is when I again reverted last night to MY style of strapping, as opposed to that done and recommended by the physio when we went on Wednesday. Go figure.

More sitting on the sideline for her yesterday.

But there’s always shooting one-handed in the backyard to keep her eye in, I guess.

And we all have fingers and toes crossed that she’ll have come good by next weekend for the next rep carnival.

Late afternoon view from our bedroom verandah. Doubly nice to actually take a minute or two  to appreciate it.



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6 responses to “Miscellaneous woes.

  1. Wendy

    Oh good for her to be keen enough to play one handed! Fingers crossed for next weekend.
    Nice view from your verandah. We happened to be on Bribie Island last night at sunset and it was beautiful there too.

  2. What a gorgeous view and sounds like a lovely way to spend Mother’s Day. Having met your gorgeous girls I know you are a great mum! (Even if ocassionally you leave them behind somewhere… :-)) Hope your aches and pains subside, maybe your computer chair needs some adjustment? Have a fabulous week. C

  3. Fingers crossed her wrist is in good shape for her next big day 🙂

  4. Thanks for all the crossed fingers!

    Now Cheryl, you know I don’t leave my kids behind. (Himself did that once – at the netball courts in town – drove up the street without #2 who was just accompanying on that occasion. But I have never done such a thing!!) Perhaps I shall just have to work the particular anecdote you are referring to into a post!

  5. Ooooh. Very nice view from your veranda. I’m a little jealous. It does not look cold and rainy there, and I am awfully jealous.

  6. We are indeed very lucky with that view Debby! – over the top of the neighbouring houses, with a bit more than mere ‘ocean glimpses’. Sometimes I like to focus on the clouds!

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