Socks and gender stereotypes.

This cartoon pretty much sums me up – with a slight adjustment:

That’s our bedroom floor.  And, in an about face of the stereotypes, I’m the one who gets lectured by the man of the house about what stage of the laundry process the sock pairing should be happening.  To humour him, I have been making a supreme effort to hang them paired together on the line. He thinks I should be making sure each sock of a pair is there before they get thrown in the washing machine!

Hah – that’s just NEVER going to happen when my default M.O. is definitely that depicted above.

Amazing how cartoons in the local paper just seem to know how I operate – and provide very apt metaphors for my life!

I guess I should take comfort in the fact that if there’s been a cartoon made about it, I’m not the only one like that – even if I tend to challenge all the gender stereotypes… a fact emphasised each year around Mothers Day when I eschew all the girlie girlie stuff that pervades school mothers day stalls.

Yesterday I volunteered at the school mothers day stall, even though I gave up long ago wasting my money, or expecting my kids to waste my money (or theirs) on them.  I’m just not into all that typical stuff, you know….

And, all you mothers out there from our school – I quite possibly wrapped your mothers day present for you.  Presents that your kids ‘chose’ in the blink of an eye, without any thought whatsoever!

Patently I’m just weird, because I’d rather be given a present that my kid put time into wrapping themselves, no matter how badly done.  I’d actually rather be given nothing, than something that they put no thought whatsoever into choosing.

Whatever. Nothing to do with socks, really.



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8 responses to “Socks and gender stereotypes.

  1. I agree about the socks, husbands just expect too much, I tell mine he is just lucky that I am still here when he comes home! ( tongue in cheek, but not always…. ha ha )

  2. Funny! I have a massive bag full of odd socks that I keep in the hope their mates will one day show their faces (toes?) again. It;s called optimism.

    I bought myself a Mother’s Day present – “New Moon”. Apparently I am having a mid-life crisis. *sigh*

  3. He wants you to pair them before they go in the machine – eek how would they wash properly? Perhaps if he’s that keen, that’s how he should deliver them to the wash basket (or bedroom floor). Perhaps he could just take over the washing?

    As for mother’s day – well cats and kangaroos just don’t get it – thank fully – we all already have too much stuff!

  4. Cheryl, he just thinks I should make sure that each pair goes in the same load. ie. go hunting for the mates _before_ the wash, instead of discovering abandoned solo socks _afterwards_. [I’ve edited that sentence to make that clearer!!] He believes he delivers them in pairs to the dirty clothes basket/heap, ergo, if any are missing it’s my fault.

    Admittedly it is slightly easier to sort the clean washing if the socks have hung out together in their pairs on the line. Until the rummagers (aka the kids) get started.

    Sadly, with the current division of labour here, I’m the default Laundry maid.

    BB, please point out to my husband that I’m not the only one with a pile of single socks! (I bought myself a “mothers day present” of a new handbag (which the girls liked, and he went “uh” to, and started criticising all the pockets) and a new lighter weight tennis racquet. Beats a pack of scented candles that I’d never use, anyday!

    Linda, that very same line is often on the tip of my tongue. 😉

  5. Ro

    Buy all the socks in the same colour and/or pattern.
    Saves soooooo much time lol.

  6. Trace – I am a hang them on the line together – but am so with you on the pre-sort technique!

    And we could be sisters in regard to getting wrapped presents from MD stalls at school. (Mind you, I also have an issue with the crap at MD stalls)

    I hope to get an hour to call my own on Sunday.

  7. LOL Ro.. if only that would work with three girls, me and the Daddy.

    Oh yeah, Jeanie, don’t get me started on the crap at MD stalls! (And I’ll be your honorary sister anyday!)

    Hope you get that hour to yourself on Sunday!

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