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More beach.

I’m still light on for wordspace in the old headspace.

So instead I give you more beach.

We’ve had friends visiting from Sydney over this Easter weekend. The southerly ‘breeze’ and dumpy surf haven’t been that enticing to me, but they’ve been loving it. (I’m just spoilt!)
It’s been hard to drag their two boys away from the water, and from digging in the sand.

Today -after they had a dip – the three of us – deciding some exercise was in order to counteract  the food (and chocolate) intake  – walked the 5km or so north up the beach to the next town. Instead of doing my usual up and back trek, we’d decided to wimp out on walking back south into the strong headwind –  and Himself kindly drove up to collect us.

There are things on the beach that I don’t tend to look twice at normally, but J – who is originally from Finland – suddenly did a bit of a double take and asked ‘What on earth is that?’

Meh.. it’s just a washed up jellyfish, said her Aussie husband and I.
We often call them jelly blubbers too – but I doubt that that is the correct scientific name for them!

And there’s my rocks again…
The locals actually refer to them as ‘Witches Hat’ – or ‘Witches’ ‘.
This time I’ve got a  fisherman perched on the rock.
Check the seagulls having to face into the wind to keep their positions.

What can I say.. It’s Easter – so patently this is a Hot Cross Jellyfish.

Despite the rough conditions, this kite surfer had just been out in it all.
All I can think of is what amazing upper body strength he must have.

Plus it made a good photo in my head.



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