Puppies and gumblossoms.

Bet you’ve never seen that blog title combo anywhere before.

I’ve been sidetracked with pre-Round 1 netball madness.  (Round 1 is this Saturday, and on top of trying to get the website updated, I’ve been trying to get the handbook done, ready to be printed out tomorrow. And wondering why I’m doing this.

And yesterday, with Himself taking a rare day off, we spent hours debating bathroom and plumbing supplies, and the colour of carpet… But that’s a whole other story.

The fallout from the hours I’ve spent on the computer compiling the netball handbook has been – suddenly this afternoon – pains in my upper arm.  Oh dear. Hello RSI. I emailed the wretched thing off tonight, so the smart thing to do (especially according to a certain husband, while rolling his eyes) is to give the computer a rest for few days. (Guess I’m not cut out for a job spending hours wrangling a computer mouse then am I?)

But just before I do that, I bring you … PUPPIES!

The lovely cattle dog owned by the next door neighbours had seven puppies in the early hours of yesterday morning. I went for a visit today – and even though my eldest daughter thinks cute puppy photos are a dime a dozen, I took a couple anyway.

Pretty cute, huh?

Although I think the cute factor will be ramped up somewhat once their eyes open and they start getting around.

And I’ll have to start fending off the ‘can we get a puppy’ requests.

As it is, this afternoon Ms 16 (who is clearly cut out for a career as a union organiser) said “Hey Mum, can we get a horse?”

While I was in their yard, I took the opportunity to take a photo of OUR gumblossoms.

They are going to be sensational soon.

I might just have to keep going over for a visit to take update photos of both the puppies AND the flowers.



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7 responses to “Puppies and gumblossoms.

  1. Cute!!! Feel better soon…

  2. How lovely of you to grow such beauties for your neighbour.
    Puppies grow into dogs and some dogs can grow to be as large as horses.

  3. Linda

    I love the blossoms, at one stage we had 3 different colours of them in our backyard

  4. Aawww they are so gorgeous! And the puppies are cute too! Hope your pains go away soon, don’t want to be too long without posts. Good on you for all you do for netball. Where would this country be without volunteers. I might just beat you on the blog name, mine’s going to be something including beetles and leeches when I get to it!

  5. Hope your arms settle down and let you have free reign again.

    Have a query about groundwater wells in carparks on my blog for you – would there be 2 in a small area due to many natural springs ?

  6. Awww – can we get a puppy (that is can you get a puppy for your blog, I don’t actually need another dog)?

    Those blossoms are stunning 🙂

  7. Rhu

    Those flowers are striking colours. Gorgeous. (puppies too) x

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