The things we do…

And the things we don’t.

I wish I could say I had an active and fulfilling weekend.  We really should have been getting stuck into the kazillion and one preparatory things we need to do with the house.

A bike ride, or some decent exercise of some sort would have been smart too. But it didn’t happen, unless you count a 5 minute walk to the corner shop to get milk late yesterday. (Can’t count a spontaneous meal out, just the two of us, when we found ourselves ‘sans’ kids for Saturday night either!)

I did pin Himself down to going through the list of queries from my meeting with the Designer last week. And late yesterday afternoon he did finally drag me out to be his ladder ballast while he pulled down a rickety old pergola from the side of the house.

None of which was particularly physically active on my part.  He might have wrestled with some rusty nails, and I might have reached up and taken the joist, and tweaked it off the other bearer. But no.. not calorie burning in the slightest.

More of the paperbark came down on Saturday, but showers of rain interrupted that.  Plus it is/was a fair size tree.  Did I mention that the young guy next door was doing the job for us? So it’s not a rush job, as such. We also have some more trees in the front yard that we will now get him to do – particularly now we’ve seen that he does a good job.  (More nature deficit disorder for me…!)

We discussed, a bit, our grand plan for The Renovations – weighing up Owner Builder-ing vs paying a Builder to do the whole job.  We have decided to do it as Owner Builders, though we will still get a Builder to do some parts.  The driving factor here is saving some money – particularly on a complicated job of both extensions and internal renovations – where a builder will just automatically put x% on to cover contingencies.

There is also a bit of ‘grunt’ work that we can either do ourselves, or pay the neighbour to do – like jack-hammering up existing concrete. Taking up the slate floor. Etc.

It will have to be done in well thought out stages, so apart from doing the required Owner Builder course, there will be a fair bit of project management involved.

Guess who will have to do a lot of that?  Though I tend to doubt my logical abilities in that area. (While Himself essentially works in project management.)

Meanwhile, though, I have a bit of a deadline looming with the start of the netball season. I’m the bunny who thought up the idea of a handbook for all players – hence I’m the bunny that does it every year.

And the website – also this bunny’s idea – has been looking “meh” for a while, with a lot of pages overdue for an update – never mind the look of it.

So what do I decide to do this weekend?  Redo the website.  Of course I did!

I made compromises with myself.  I could have used the opportunity to really teach myself a whole lot more about doing a decent website- consolidating what I started to learn in the course I started last year – and taking the time to figure out the stuff that ultimately blew my mind and made me ditch it. Some commonsense prevailed, and I’ve just smartened it up a bit. Because there is only so much of my life I can afford to give to my kids’ netball association!

So it’s gone from this:

to this:

In my head there is a better looking site design, but only if I didn’t sleep for a month in order to teach myself all the web design skillz that I don’t yet have a handle on!  My lovely daughter whipped up the banner for me (though I added the netball figure with my meagre photoshop skillz).  The green, if you are wondering about my colour choices in the first place(!), is the association colour, and up until last year was the colour of the association skirt.  We changed the skirt to black last year – with the green confined to a subtle strip down each side of the shirt.  Another reason to change the background!

Anyway…  someone tell me it’s an improvement. Even if it’s a lie!

So I have a big week ahead of me. Finish getting information onto the website. Finish the handbook.

We have a meeting with the Designer on Wednesday – and I’ve managed to convince Himself that he has to take a day off work so that we can get around to the various shops – bathroom fittings, light fittings, oven etc…  Some final choices need to be made, although there are some things we will be telling the designer to just not worry about. (Like paint colours for the girls’ bedrooms! And the letterbox. Or even a front fence!)

I will endeavour – now that it is starting to happen – to tell the story, as it evolves, of  The Renovation.

Meanwhile, I should get off my backside, stop blogging, and start doing!



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3 responses to “The things we do…

  1. Linda

    New site looks great, you are a good little bunny!

  2. Thanks Linda. *Mwah*

  3. The design is great 🙂
    I reckon you’re eyeballing replacement plants with gusto 😉
    Will have a couple of photos posted on my blog sometime today I need to pick your brain over 😉

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