In the name of progress.

The greenie in me is sad.

We have started getting some trees lopped down in preparation for our extensions.  Even though we live in a patch of suburbia, on an averagely small suburban block. (About 680 sq m) – we’ve still had trees around us. And I like it that way. They provide some privacy – screening from the neighbours. Shade. General ambience. And birds.

So it goes against the grain to get rid of any. Well – the native trees anyway. I couldn’t give a stuff about the others – or the tangle of shrubbery (as per our Valentine’s day pruning epic…)

The time has come, though. Time for some of the bigger trees to go.

Five years ago we cleared along that back fence :

but neglected to poison the shrubs we cut down

and it all grew back. And up.
(Where the heck did those casuarinas spring from?!)

So, back to the future – I mean the present-  the gum tree – to the right – is not actually in the way of the extensions – but it’s been sick for a while – presumably something like dieback.  It’s also right on top of the sewer line that runs along this side of our back fence – and we’ve had some root blockage issues there – so there really wasn’t a choice . It had to go. Even if every other time it died back, and we thought ‘oh dear, I guess we’ll have to cut it down’  it would get all this new growth and provide nice shade on summer mornings.

Like tree euthanasia, really.
So I’m coping with that one going.

We also have to make room in that back left corner of the yard –  (like for a trampoline that I had the genius idea of buying last Christmas) – so a couple of scraggy casuarinas in the left corner came down too.

What I’m really sad about though, is the paperbark tree closer to the house. My paperbark.  From our bedroom verandah – and indeed our bed – you feel as if you are up in the treetops with the birds!

And, given that it’s on the north side of the block, it makes good shade.

But it’s right in the way of where the new lounge room is going.

And even if the walls could have been designed to miss the trunk, the roots would wreak havoc with the foundations.


The rest is coming down tomorrow.
(Other random smaller trees along that fenceline have also got the chop.)

I’ve been a bit emotional about it all day today.

The only plus (and you’ve got to find pluses, don’t you…?) is that now I can see OUR gumblossoms, that, in their quest for the sunlight, have been adorning the neighbour’s yard.

And on the agenda will be planting nicer native shrubs in other places around the fence line to make up for our environmental vandalism.



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7 responses to “In the name of progress.

  1. Oh I hear you.

    We had a poinsiana bending next door’s slab and killing all possibilities of grass – it was self-seeded but still beautiful.

    Didn’t cry so much about the pandanus, though. Not missing picking up razor-leaves at all.

    It really IS happening, isn’t it?

  2. I’m crying with you Trace. Always sad to see trees go and it will add to your nature deficit disorder. Still once the renos are done, good things can be planted back for the honey eaters etc. There are some great, easily managed natives around these days. Take care and be kind to yourself.

  3. Pick and choose your replacement natives to your heart’s content, keep looking forward to the next mass of native flowers 😉

  4. I know what you mean – esp about the paperbark. One thing I have in abundance up here – trees. Gazillions of the suckers (and I do mean that in pretty much every sense of the word).

    Exciting though to see progress towards the renos. Maybe you can plant a new paperbark in a better place once its all done?

  5. Wendy

    Yes it will be sad to see the p.bark go … but as BB says a new one somewhere else perhaps? On the plus side of things – how incredibly lucky are you to still have a vacant block, and that vacant block appears to be the only thing seperating you from the beach. Grin and bear it – and plant a few trees next time Landcare has a working bee near you. Your heart will feel better for it.

  6. It really is happening Jeanie. Well, all council approved, so about to happen. Pinching myself a bit. Won’t quite believe it till we’re pouring the concrete pads, I think. But the trees going is a big start…. even if it’s a bit sad.
    I will redress my ‘nature deficit disorder’, Cheryl – thanks for putting it like that! LOL.
    J, BB and W- praps won’t have room on the block for another paperbark – but I will definitely be going grevilleas, bottlebrush – which attract the birds big time. (Lots of lorikeets around here.) And maybe a flowering gum – for the other side of our yard, so that it hangs into our yard space and we get to enjoy it!
    We also need to find a spot for the netball ring!! The current post is in the road as well!

  7. Interesting. Keep the information flowing.
    I learn lots….and you already know I like your photos that illustrate.

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