The thing I love about blogging  – both reading and writing them – is that you get the opportunity to share other people’s worlds, and their passions in life.

The obvious plus is that internet brings us closer to people from across the other side of the world in a way that you just couldn’t do when I was growing up.  The whole penpal/snail mail thing, while wonderful, just doesn’t rate in comparison.

Something I didn’t quite anticipate when I embraced the blogosphere was feeling so passionate about other Aussies doing their thing in their little patch of the country.  In hindsight – ‘well, duh!’ – Australia is a diverse country! What did I expect?

I don’t know exactly … what I do know is that even when I’m reading about someone’s life in another part of my own country that is so very different to my life (in regional, coastal suburbia!) I still get this ‘chuffed’  feeling –  of a sort of Aussie pride.

So I’m really CHUFFED to introduce – and heck, yeah, to promote! –  a new Aussie blog!

I’m doing the whole fanfare thing, because I’m also chuffed that Cheryl is a local cycling friend – and so she doesn’t live very far away from me at all – barely 20km as the crow flies. And she says that my blogging has inspired her! I’ll take any kudos I can get, frankly…  But I also can’t wait to read and see more about her little slice of life that is so very different to mine.  She calls a kangaroo her ‘daughter’ for heaven’s sakes!  You can’t get more Aussie than that.

Her blog, as you’ll see though, promises to deliver a whole lot more than just furry marsupials! Cheryl is a very inspiring woman who has been through the mill, but come back out fighting!  I also watched her throughout her cycling journey, and am so proud of what she achieved!

Anyway…  choof on over and say g’day. (And then I’ll hit her up for a couple of coffees!)



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7 responses to “Chuffed.

  1. Linda

    I like the little I read that she wrote, thank you for sharing. Us city people love to hear what our country cousins think about life etc…..

  2. Looks great – hope it goes well for you Cheryl. You’re a good blog buddy Trace!!

  3. Aw shucks Trace, you’ve bought tears to my eyes. Seriously. Thanks Buddy. Though I’ve been writing for a long time, this is my first blog and it really is down to you for the inspiration and much of the advice to get me started. Thanks all for the welcome to the blogosphere (did I get that right) and I trust I’ll live up to the promise. Coffee definitely on me and the breakfast!

  4. Hmm not a great start of comments if I’m not linking the right website back to me – much to learn. Take two with the right website link….doh

  5. Wendy

    Good blog buddies rule! oh dear, sounds a bit teenage-ish doesn’t it! but I echo the sentiment anyways.

  6. Woot!
    Looks like a good ‘un and anyone who calls a ‘roo ‘daughter’ has to be worth reading 😉

  7. She’s not allowed to get more readers than me though!

    I also hear that we should keep an eye out on PRG!

    Hah, much like a long bike ride, I only do it for the coffee. 😉 :p

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