Oh dear, still feeding my soul…

When all else fails, head for the beach (AGAIN) and get a dose of Mother Nature, I say. (And hope not to bore people silly while I’m at it – with three beachy posts in a row, sheesh…)

Since our visitors left I haven’t had much energy or motivation to do anything. I blame all that pre-visit cleaning.  (And, yes, it is a bit tiring having visitors in the house.)  And just general school holiday laziness.  Blah!

I did hit the shops today with the girls.  One of the downsides to living in a beachside region is that things tend to get a bit crowded during the school holidays.  I’m not into crowded places. The parking area at the major shopping centre in town was worse than it was leading up to Christmas!   And the Food Court was full. And noisy. Blah!

It was very tempting to just sloth when we got home.  But I finished the last of the chocolate (that I liked).. and decided that perhaps I should walk it off. Post-Easter (self-disgust) resolutions, and all that. Plus the sound of the Wii was going to make me kill someone pretty soon.

I struggle to find the words to express how lucky I am to be this spoilt.
That all this is just a couple of hundred metres from home.

Who could complain about having this setting for a daily walk?
(I just wish I did make it a DAILY one.)

It’s never boring …

I don’t know..

Time of day… the light.
.. the clouds…

Even though I like having the place to myself…
there is often something special about what others are doing on the beach.
I like people-watching. (As long as they aren’t too close to me!)
I’m a bit self conscious about standing there and boldly taking photos – but I managed to snap these ones off.

I’m not into fishing myself..
But there’s obviously something about it that sings to those who do it.

Sometimes it can be something about the clouds that completes a possible picture  –
a picture that I try to capture in a mere snapshot..

Or it’s the reflections in the late afternoon light.
And the patterns in the wet sand as the tide recedes.

Even the contrail from a passing jet.

(“Contrails” – that’s a new word I learnt today! I had to skype Mr Knows-a-lot, and ask “What do you call those streaks in the sky that planes sometimes make?.. Ah!.. vapour trails.. uh huh.. or  condensation trails.. Ohhhh “Contrails”. How about that…!)

It’s always different – no matter how often I take myself down there.
Hope it was different enough for you too… three blog posts in a row is a bit tedious I know.

You realise it’s all your fault that because I sat down to blog it all, right away, it’s  now 7.30,
and I haven’t done a thing about dinner yet!!



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6 responses to “Oh dear, still feeding my soul…

  1. Linda

    love it, love it, I didn’t even notice that it was 3 posts in a row about the beach, probaly because you make it interesting each time….but…. the children and their hungry tummies wasting away, 7.30 and no sign of dinner, I love that the most……

  2. Wendy

    Well you must realise that we are all jealous of the fact that you live so close to that beautiful beach. So keep ’em coming….. dinner can wait a bit longer!

  3. ..the patterns in the wet sand as the tide recedes…

    Really really like that one.

    Sometimes our children do us a favour by driving us from the house or should it be, your children do us a favour by driving you from the house.

  4. Enjoying the pics, keep ’em waiting for dinner 😉

  5. Cheryl

    Hey Trace, you’re an inspiration. Love your blog. No apologies required – in fact they may be the only bits I’d love not to see. You’re out there living life and sharing it. You have the guts and via your help I’m going to join you in the blogging arena. Thanks greatly friend.

  6. Ah, thanks for the nice feedback everyone. You make me want to keep going for a walk! And to keep blogging.

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