And that was March.

Not my month for writing anything of substance, so it seems.  If this was a job, I’d be sacked.

I’ve been busy. Ish.  School canteen. Renovation design choices. Netball.  (The netball stuff has taken up a fair bit of time – and emotional energy. Committees .. bah ..  what was that quote by Jean-Paul Sartre? – “Hell is other people” ?  I’ve been through the wringer a bit with some Stuff (caused by one person) but it’s too hard to summarise  in a blog post when I really should be cleaning up the house for visitors, so I’ll pass. For now! And choose a brighter subject.

Well it actually rained nearly every day for the first three weeks of March, which dampened  spirits a bit, and caused more than my usual amount of procrastination, particularly in regard to getting out and getting some exercise.  The rain was just bloody  unpredictable, so you’d never know when you went out if you were going to get drenched or sunburnt.

One day, after whingeing A LOT on Twitter (as BushBabe will attest) I kicked myself in the backside (with a bit of assistance from across cyberspace), grabbed the camera, and headed down to the beach.

No hat, no sunnies, no sunscreen – because it was like this,

Water had been falling out of that sky about 15 minutes earlier.

“Just get wet”, said BushBabe.
So I sucked it up, and decided that I could get wet and still live.
Shoes on, and out the door. Just like that.

But THIS  is what I got instead
(along with a VERY sunburnt face, neck and shoulders):

Rain? What rain?

Proof !
Look. We HAVE had rain.

You know you’ve had a bit of rain when this watercourse spills onto the beach.
(Unfortunately a bit of stormwater run off, but it’s relatively clean….)

And you can tell how much rain we’ve had by how big and deep a channel it’s carved out.
228mm in February – then another 200mm over the following couple of weeks have hacked out  a pretty definite channel.

(It’ll all smooth out again soon enough…)

Of course once I’d made the effort I was glad I came down-
The whole beach to myself! (How good is that?)

OK, not quite to myself…

Oh.. and one person frying themselves..  Lucky for you it’s not the naked eye –
or zoomed in.. eep…  G-string/thong type swimwear
on a rotund-ish body is not a great look, even from a distance!

Ahem. Moving on. Look away….

Up near the rocks, I could just see some figures…

.. who turned out to be friends…

One very happy ‘stay-at-home Dad for 2010’, with his two youngest.
They also have 3 older kids who are friends with my eldest two…
Beats Daycare anyday…. don’t you think?!

After a chat I kept snapping photos….

I can usually rely on a couple of birds to pose on rocks…
(and you can rely on me to again wish I had a camera with more ZOOM)

Low tide…
Seaweed… Rock pools…

I kept going… further up the beach to get the exercise in.
Bit hard to take, that view, isn’t it?

The only thing to spoil the serenity – and the beach, as far as I’m concerned –
are the lazy sods who insist on driving up and down it.
Tyre tracks… meh….

Yeah, sure, the high tide will erase them every 12 hours, but still.

You can see more proof of the likelihood of precipitation back in the direction of home.

But not when you look this way:

How’s that for a rainy day walk?
And food for the soul.



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8 responses to “And that was March.

  1. Awesome!! Except for the Factor 30, you did great! Gosh I am such a champion nag…

  2. Linda

    I just shared the lovely walk on the beach, well I felt I was right there, thank you

  3. Thanks for giving the the link again Trace – I am so lazy!!!

    And thank you for taking us all on that walk – and taking the sunburn for us also.

  4. Really enjoyed the walk. Cheers 🙂

  5. I don’t know who to thank more. Bush Babe for nagging you out or you for taking and posting these photos?

    THANK YOU to all concerned and that includes the weather gods who make the day possible. *wink*

  6. Wendy

    Nice to see you back after that lovely walk. Good photos – walking is food for the soul I think. The rain has been a bit much of March hasn’t it. We went for a driving holiday (probably around your neck of the woods at a guessestimate) … NSW coast anyway, and I swear the rain followed us all the 12 nights we were away. Wherever we went it follows … farmers rejoice when we go on holidays.

  7. Glad you all enjoyed the walk! It’s nice to have some company!!

    Ah so the rain was all your fault Wendy?!!!

  8. Loved the walk on the beach with you, photos are fab and that view is such a hardship 😛

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