I’d forget my head…

Maybe it was the dizziness – which has, thankfully, pretty much retreated. (*touches wood*).  I did feel like I was in a bit of a fog there for a while. Functioning. But not quite all there.

Or maybe it’s just me on the way to senility. I’ve just had an .. amusing.. couple of weeks in regard to remembering stuff. The family have been somewhat bemused. Heck, even I’ve been somewhat bemused.

I”m sure I’m not normally THIS bad.

The before school/after school logistics around here do present some memory challenges, though we try to put the onus on the kids to remind us of where they want to be, when, and to make sure they pack any gear required by them – and required by me to be brought along on one of the many shuttle runs I do, picking them up and dropping them off.

The scene.

A Thursday. (A few weeks ago.)  Ms 16 usually requires early lift to school (for Dance Ensemble or some such.)  After school she catches a bus directly to town, amuses herself for a few hours – in the shops, and/or doing homework at Himself’s office – then they head off to play Touch Footy together.  Usually she makes sure he takes her Touch gear. And usually he is in control of his own Touch gear too.

Usually he drops her off at school, but this particular morning he needed to be at work even earlier, so we tell her she’ll have to miss Dance Ensemble.  Before she leaves for her normal school bus he rings her. He’s forgotten his Touch gear.  And of course, she’s not given him her gear (otherwise that would have reminded him, right?)

But never fear, Mum is here! Fortuitously (and the reason I’ve skived off dropping her at Dance early) I’m taking Ms 11 and friend to school district swimming carnival in town. I can drop their gear off at his office after the carnival.

“Put it in the car”, I say. “In the back, as I have to pick up another kid.”

Ms 16 does that. “I’ve put our stuff together!” she tells me, as she heads out.  Note: at this point I also happen to have Ms 11 in tears because her tummy hurts, so she’s on the loo, as suggested by both myself and her big sister. And I’m on the phone ringing the other kid to say we might be late, but I’m slightly anxious that Ms 11, who is in the first race, might be late.

No problems though. We get there. They swim. We leave. And I detour to Himself’s office.

“I’ve put our stuff together” was the line that I remembered. In my head I think “.. in the one bag”.. so I grab the bag Himself usually takes, bolt into his office, leave it on his chair, and bolt out again. Job done, I think.

Fast forward to about 6.45pm, and I’m heading home with Ms 14 after her swimming squad class. My mobile rings, and she answers it.  Seems I’ve only left ONE bag at the office (Himself’s), and thus Ms 16’s bag is still in the back of the car.  I get out and look. She has used one of my coloured ‘green’ shopping bags (which I chuck in the back of the car), and even though it was purple (or pink – can’t remember) it kind of blended in with all the rest.

Their game is at 7.00. And I’m about 25 km away.

Cue an unplanned ‘quick’ drive into town. Ms 14 rings Ms 11 at home to let her know we’re taking a 50km detour.

We pick Ms 16 (and a spectator friend) up from the office – she gets changed in the car – as I drive them a further 5 or more km to the grounds. (Himself has gone ahead so as not to be late for the game.)  And Ms 14 and I finally get home to start doing dinner at around 7.30.

And somehow, my line of “If you two hadn’t forgotten YOUR stuff this morning, all this wouldn’t have happened”  fell on deaf ears as my two darlings roll their eyes at ME.

Fast forward to the following Monday.  After school I have to take Ms 14 (and two others) to netball, then continue on to school and pick up Ms 16, whose after school HSC Dance unit class overlaps with her rep netball training. (ie. she’s in a rush.)

She leaves her bag of netball gear with me – with a great big blue bow on it . Bless her. So that her Forgetful and Unreliable Mother can tell it apart from all the other shopping bags. She doesn’t put it in the car this time as we’ve had some car issues and I’m not sure what car I’ll be using that afternoon.

Guess who forgets to bring the bloody bag.

And she has organised to leave Dance early this particular time so that she doesn’t miss the fitness component of her netball training. I have to drop her in her dance tights (and painted Converse shoes), zoom home (5km), get her gear, and zoom back again.

Not a great carbon footprint record here, is it?

The next time I need to take her stuff, she does the bow, AND a pink post-it note on the front door, AND on the side door (in case I use that one.)

.. ..

Bless her, eh.  Anyone would think her mother had been a bit FORGETFUL lately.



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8 responses to “I’d forget my head…

  1. I am in awe of your ability to keep all that straight, even if imperfectly.

  2. and the dizzy thing- have you had your ears checked? It could be an inner ear something.

  3. Elizabeth

    Weird. Did you see that?
    When I got to “leave a reply” the boxes were filled with .. Hammy and an email address to fit the name so I replied and it posted.

    I didn’t make up a new name. I didn’t make a new email address.
    Did C? Trying to tell me something too? *wink*

  4. Linda

    i am exhausted just reading it, I think you need a PA

  5. Hmmm, E, I got rid of Hammy. He seemed a bit.. spammy.. if you ask me!

    Thankfully, most days I keep it straight – and just present it as a good reason not to find a job! Rootie, touch wood, but the dizziness seems to have gone now, whatever it was. Maybe it was just some inner ear virus or something.

    Linda, I’d probably take a cleaner over a PA!

  6. Go the post-it notes lol.

  7. pixie

    One child, one swimming lesson per week, that’s enough for me. I wouldn’t have your stamina.

  8. You work as well, Pix! I still don’t.

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