Tweeting about…

Supposedly my major topics of tweeting over the past month.

Baby [huh?]

getting .. love… night….  [I wish.]

If it was over just the past week it would include DIZZY. Which I still am. Though weirdly, not so bad at night. Go figure.

I have a few blog posts in my head, but no motivation to get them out of my head and onto the screen. It’s easier to sit and watch the TV, because at least then my head is relatively still.



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6 responses to “Tweeting about…

  1. Poor Trace… better get to the bottom (or the top) of it!!!

  2. Linda

    BABY talk is a worry!

  3. I am SURE the baby reference was just baby talk tweeting with Jeanie – over sleeping/non-sleeping babies. No chance of more babies here. No way.

  4. TV is good for the soul when the head is behaving like a dippy Hollywood flapper 😉

  5. Rhu

    You are still dizzy? Oh no! How are your eyes, Trace?

  6. Dizziness has eased, at last, Rhu.. thanks for thinking of me! Just Life and Laziness getting in the way of another blog post! (As you can see, I’ve been capable of a 140 character Tweet.)

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