You make me dizzy Miss Fizzy

It’s kind of spooky when one of the cartoons in Wednesday’s local paper reflects EXACTLY your current state of being:

Funny how the whole merry-go-round allegory is kind of appropriate too.

The chiropractor did help a bit – on Thursday. He said that 9 out of 10 times dizziness can be caused by your neck being out.   I’ll either have to go see him again next week to knock it out of me completely – or just get used to being in a constant state that I can only describe as like being  ‘tipsy’. (Only a bit different.)

Himself thinks that I shouldn’t complain – people pay money for alcohol to achieve that state.  He, however, DID NOT understand, the other morning just how hard it is to focus on discussions about banking issues when I wake up with my head feeling like I’ve just sculled a few glasses of white. (As I walked about the kitchen trying to deal with the making of the school lunches, the amount of movement required to walk around (thus causing my head to move around)  being in direct correlation to the amount of dizziness I was feeling).

It’s weird. It comes and goes. I just hope that one day I’ll wake up and it’s gone.

Meanwhile – in a kind of unrelated issue this week – except that it rhymes – I’ve had to go buy a few bottles of fizzy drink.

Let me explain.

We’ve had a tradition in our house of saving fizzy drink for celebratory occasions. Apart from parties, and visitors, if someone ‘achieves’ something, we go buy a bottle of fizzy for the girls to share over dinner.

It’s been a source of amusement at times. For instance, when Ms 14 (now) got Dux of her primary school a few years ago, the first thing she said when I went to give her a big hug at the end of the presentation was: “So can we have fizzy drink tonight?”. (What?! Is that all she could think of?!)

Anyway, I’m starting to think we should revise this tradition – or put some sort of cap on their achievements. Because there’s been far too much fizzy drink consumed this week. (Far too much achievement round here – it’s got to stop!)

On Monday Ms 11 lobbied for Fizzy because she had her Student Council induction assembly.

On Wednesday Ms 14 went to the high school Zone Swimming Carnival, and sent me a text during the day to go buy fizzy drink. She’d won her 50m freestyle (and ‘beat that Grafton chick who is always pretty fast’). And they won a few relays.

On Thursday there was the primary school District Swimming carnival, where Ms 11 was in a few races. She came 1st in her backstroke, and 2nd in butterfly.  We did the ‘fizzy’ at the corner shop on the way home. (Don’t always have to share with the sisters…)

And then the next day she found out that she had made equal Senior Girls Champion – how, we don’t really know – because she didn’t place in the 100m freestyle, or the 4 x 50m medley.  All the rest of the placings in all the other races must have really been shared around.

She suggested that this was worthy of yet more Fizzy – but I said that REALLY, I think we’ve celebrated achievements enough this week – and the trophy – and the lovely surprise she got would do.

Well, I don’t really think they should put a cap on ‘achieving’, but maybe we need to revise the celebration system!

Today Ms 16 has been a bit off colour, and kind of dizzy. (The bad mother part of me hopes that it might have hopped over from me to her…)

Dizzy. Fizzy. Enough, ok!



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9 responses to “You make me dizzy Miss Fizzy

  1. Linda

    I can see what the problem is!
    Your girls are too damm clever, if they weren’t so bright ( like mine, no only joking ) you wouldn’t have to get the fizzy drink!

  2. Dizzy, maybe due to fluid in your ear?
    Congrats to your girls for their collective achievements!
    Drink up, pip pip ! 😛

  3. That dizziness sounds rather ‘icky.’ Hope you’re back to your non-dizzy self soon.

    Your girls are sporty and smart, and look gorgeous. They deserve more fizzy!

    Sounds like they take after their mum 🙂

  4. Maybe that’s it – I get water in my ear from swimming. Gah, I don’t know….

    My girls are sporty. And smart. (And I’m proud, yes.) They do have to thank years worth of swimming lessons and weekly squads for the swimming ability and endurance, although Ms 14 is a natural. People comment on her beautiful style.

    I think they got a lucky combo of genes.

  5. Wendy

    Being dizzy is no fun. A friend of mine suffers from this always around February. Something to do with the humidity she thinks. Anyhoo she finds ginger helpful (and Stematil if resorting to pill popping).
    Well done to your girls – they are obviously deserving of some fizzy as part of their balanced diet.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. That’s interesting about the timing of February (and humidity – because oh boy has it been humid!) I’d resort to anything, except I hate the 20 questions when trying to buy pills at the chemist!! How does the ginger work? (Not something I could stomach eating straight!)

  7. Wendy

    Tracey you can buy ginger capsules, from the health shop – that is what my friend does, and from memory takes a couple a day. That is probably the best way if you don’t like the taste, although it can repeat on you a little. I take ginger for travel sickness, so I can vouch for that! Ask at the health shop, there may be other ways or things to take?
    As for the Stematil, I think the doc prescribed that for her. Hope you are feeling better – I get really bad travel sickness (love to travel though) and can sympathise with anything that makes just walking around difficult!

  8. Oh no Trace – I am very dizzy currently, which I put down to my blood pressure (which is at its normal very low level). The doctor said maybe iron? I don’t know, but I do know that I felt like I had sea legs the other day.

    On the fizzy – what flavour? We have ginger ale as a treat here on occasion – which I mix with mineral water…

  9. Thanks for the tips Wendy.
    So, much sympathy for a fellow dizzy lizzy, Jeanie. Iron?… Hmmm, that’s another thought.

    What sort of fizzy? Whatever. Oldest’s idea of a TREAT is now coke, but for all of them, I’d get Lemonade, or Passito, or Sunkist, or whatever…. Their treat, their choice.

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