A sense of achievement is soooo romantic.

Well, what else would you want to be doing on Valentine’s Day, but working up a sweat clearing the yard?

You might recall this shot (in our front yard) from last weekend:

Well, lookee now:

It’s all got to go once the extensions begin – so you’re not meant to exclaim “Hey, nice garden!” ! But it looks doable now. We won’t need to clear away a jungle to make way for the garage.  (Those bloody ferns are a pain in the proverbial. Can’t believe the idiots who planted them.)

So, anyway, on our first (of two) trips to the tip – or rather the local waste depot place – the Lions Club guys who operate it said to me “Gee, you’d think he’d take you out somewhere better for Valentines Day!”

I did laugh. It didn’t matter. We just aren’t into Valentines Day. At all. Never have been.  But, really, when it comes down to it, it’s not a bad thing to be working at, and achieving something, together.  Perhaps I could have done without the sweat trickling into my eyes. And the ants crawling on me. And the sawdust falling on me (as I made like ballast on the bottom of the ladder, while he sawed at some branches on high – the ones that were too thick for the super whammy deluxe lopper).

But I’m counting on the fact that all the physical exertion involved (when I wasn’t being ballast, but dragging armfuls of branches to the trailer, or wielding the Super Duper Lopper myself) burnt off a kazillion calories.

And we had some time together, just the two of us, without the kids. (OK, so it was driving to and from the tip!)

We’ve achieved something that’s been needing to be done for the past – oh – 10 years.

I’ve had worse days!

And I think I’ll sleep quite well tonight.



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5 responses to “A sense of achievement is soooo romantic.

  1. wow what a difference! well done!
    I shall refer back to your hard work for motivation when I get to chopping at the garden encroaching on our driveway 🙂

  2. Wow! You have done an amazing amount of work, it doesn’t look like it’s even the same bit of garden.

    Spending the day together chomping and sawing sounds so much more fun than a candle light dinner anyways 🙂

  3. Wendy

    Wow – great job you two. Once you’ve been married a while I think Valentines is more about celebrating the fact that you still want to spend time with each other. Looks like that’s what happened in your household.

  4. Wow!
    The amount of light there now could make for a great small manageable garden (if there’s room around the garage).
    Or a tiny, private patio with table and chairs for 2 😉

  5. There’s some irony in me being motivation for work being done around the house, but.. I’m here to serve, Shish!

    Yeah, we never were much at the candlelit dinners, MB. Although when we got back from the second tip trip, and the girls were arguing, I said to him that perhaps we should have gone out!

    Wendy, I’d probably prefer our time together to be a bit more recreational, but working together towards a common goal will have to do.

    Ah, good ideas, Jayne, but the proposed double garage is set to come out as far as that chomped tree (in the middle of the ferns there.) Planning on planting some nice natives in front of the garage (some grevilleas I think)… and the ‘patio’ area is sketched in for out the back – where it will be a heap more private!

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