Like a woman possessed…

Last weekend when we were doing the big scrub clearing job –  using, alternately, a bush saw and a pair of secateurs – our young neighbour came over and offered us the use of one of these:

Holy moly – talk about awesome. We couldn’t believe the size of branch they just chomp through – like the proverbial knife through butter.  (Something like 40 – 45mm diameter.) I had a go, but thought I’d better when my ‘iffy’ shoulder started twingeing a bit.   (And I did end up paying for my gardening exertions during the week.)

Well, today Himself went out and bought us one.  We’ve still got lots to clear, front and back, so it’d be a worthwhile investment, we thought.  So much quicker than a saw. And it’s got a butt-kicking name to match    … “Heavy Duty Ratchet Anvil Lopper”

Only problem is, I think he might have to hide it from me.

This afternoon I got impatient waiting for him to chomp off a couple of branches that were getting in the way of the clothesline.

But once I started I couldn’t stop!

How can I put it? It’s just very, VERY addictive. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Shoulder twinge.  Meh.. what the heck. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

(I’m not sure what that says about me!)

I told myself a few times to ‘put the lopper down, and step away’…  only to find myself, 20 minutes later, back out there again, hacking into ‘just a few more branches’.

It’s not that it’s too much being pruned, it’s just that it’d be pretty stupid to spend the next week (again) dosing up on voltaren for my dodgy shoulders and elbows.

Needless to say, with the cuttings left over from Himself doing a Heavy-Duty-Ratchet-Anvil-Lopper blitzkrieg late last Sunday, and these  exploits of mine this afternoon, we already have another trailer load worth of green waste to take to the tip first thing tomorrow.

Then Himself got home from a driving lesson with Ms 16, and I think it has some sort of hold over him too, because he spent the last half hour of daylight hacking away out the front again.

(Make that TWO trailer loads!)

Guess what we’ll be doing tomorrow…



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6 responses to “Like a woman possessed…

  1. Linda

    I know what you mean! My lovely neighbour Libby has lent them to us on a couple of occasions, they are GREAT. I just wish that she would sharpen them now and again, just joking, well sort of.

  2. It sounds stress relieving and cathartic. Oh and the name itself Heavy-Duty-Ratchet-Anvil-Lopper sort of just sells it to me. I do like to do a bit of chomping (and don’t start me on using the hedge trimmer). I think a trip to Bunnings might be on the cards for me tomorrow 🙂

  3. Wendy

    Haha Tracey! I keep thinking we mus be related …. we have something similar (same sharpness but they are yellow) and every now and then I get manic with them. Usually it is at the wrong time of year to prune though – just as the weather gets cooler. Sort of spring cleaning in reverse I think. We are on 5 acres and I would never run out of things to prune ……….. whenever the bug hits me, my DH shakes his head and mutters about me *coming from a long line of pruners* whatever that means (it runs in the family I think!)
    Have fun and just try and fit it in between shoulder twinges – how you are doing all this in the sub tropical heat I just don’t know.

  4. Ooohhhh… I need me one of those. Serious therapy for life’s stresses, methinks.

  5. We have those lopers and the ones on the long handles to snick the tip-top tall branches without a ladder which I need to hide from hubby as he can get carried away if I don’t eyeball his every snip lol.
    Get the long handled ones, trust me you’ll love ’em 😉

  6. Ah, so not alone in the manic ‘therapy’ pruning sessions?! Funny, it was actually my father-in-law that was renowned for getting a bit carried away with the pruning, so I can’t claim the genetics!

    Himself said he looked at the long ones, but they didn’t cut as thicker diameter.

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