Weekend warriors…

It’s been crazy humid – and the forecast showers persist.  Some of the washing I put out on Wednesday dried. I left the rest out. Some more dried, in between showers, on Thursday. I left the rest out till it all dried yesterday.

Which is lucky, because nothing’s happened in the dryer-fixing department yet.

I know, I know… it’s a bit old, and rusty, and so last century. But.. Linda… I like it!  And I don’t like tumble dryers!  So I continue to hope that Himself can keep tinkering with this ad infinitum (like Missy Boo’s friend!)  Despite hearing about a few more in existence, I think second hand ones are probably a bit hard to come by!

Instead of fixing appliances, today we’ve been doing a bit of gardening. More accurately, ‘reverse gardening’:

Apart from the fact that this… scrub .. will have to make way for the proposed double garage, it’s bloody awful anyway. The previous owners who planted all this stuff were crazy people, seriously… the ghastly stuff they planted.. and the amount of it on this small block. Insanity.  What’s more insane is that it’s taken us more than 10 years to get around to hacking into it.

Well, that’s the first trailer load – of a few planned for this weekend.  We were interrupted by a couple of hours of rain (so missed closing time at the tip) – and we’ve got enough cut down and waiting to make up another load at least as high.  When I say ‘we’, I mainly mean ‘he’. I was only wielding the secateurs (as opposed to the bush saw)  – and stacking the trailer till it got too high for me to reach. But I still sweated bucket loads – and I’ve got blisters.

The weather may save my poor widdle hand tomorrow, as it’s been raining pretty steadily since about 5.00 this afternoon – and the forecast ain’t looking good for tomorrow. ‘Good’ being a somewhat subjective term, I know – if I could send the damn stuff west, I would!

Maybe I’ll get the dryer fixed after all.



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6 responses to “Weekend warriors…

  1. love the idea of being able to dry shoes in that contraption, can’t do that with a tumble dryer.
    completely identify with your gardening issues, don’t think previous owners were thinking too hard when they planted at our place either :/

  2. I have never seen a dryer like that! Tumble dryers are all we’ve got here.

    I am looking forward to seeing the results of all your remodeling etc.

  3. My tumble dryer has a rack that fits in and stays stationary so yes…you can dry shoes in the things.

    How much electricity does that oldie suck up??

  4. MissyBoo

    Our previous owners, had BAD planting ideas, and BAD renovating ideas. So I’m with you, but its all about finding the time. Maybe I’ll get to the garden in about 10 years, too 😉

  5. Linda

    oh my, that garden is a big job. Been there done that, very satisifying to make changes!

  6. All of what you see there will ultimately go – as long as we get approval for the double garage extension! Meantime the leaves dropping on the car (that often got parked there) were ridiculous. Plus any inroads we can make now will make it easier when the time comes to get rid of it all.

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