Images of a Sunday in February

Ms 11 likes her cereal. One packet doesn’t last that long when, every day, she fills
her bowl like this.  No idea where she puts it either…

“Legs Eleven” would be an appropriate moniker for her…

Anyway.. back to today…

The heavens opened during the night (loud enough to wake us up) – and once again I have this fabulous water feature in my garden. Under the clothesline. (Jamie Durie, eat your heart out.)

Hanging out the clothes in gumboots – ankle deep in water…   reckon it could catch on?

Very remiss of me, but I neglected to take a photo of any more of our reverse gardening exploits. We took yesterday’s load to the tip, then hacked into it for most of the rest of the day, and just made it with another load before tip closing time at 4pm.  The rain stayed away till one downpour mid-afternoon.  Little wonder it keeps building up – it has been INSANELY humid. All day I was unsure whether the tickling sensation on my neck or back was rivulets of sweat, or ants and bugs jumping ship from the vegetation I was man-handling around. (Either/or, it was.)

My t-rusty dryer is also now fixed – so it’s getting a bit of a workout tonight.

And after my workout today, I’m looking forward to bed.



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7 responses to “Images of a Sunday in February

  1. Um… no. Seriously. Get a dryer. (Yeah I know, but you HAVE to start thinking about it surely?)

    I would totally drop pegs etc into the ‘water feature’ – and with ‘help’ from a Great Dane I would be back at square one in no time flat!

  2. Wendy

    Tres chic wellies – a novelty to many lately I’m sure!
    We have had buckets of humidity Friday – Saturday I think it dropped about 10deg. with the rain – lovely.
    The photo of the cabinet brings back many memories to me – I’m sure we used to get a lot more rain around Brisbane.
    Looking forward to seeing the *after* photo of the back yard – with or without water feature.

  3. MissyBoo

    Nice boots!!! Our days without rain record in Perth is officially broken… apparently we got 0.2mL on Saturday night!!!

  4. You could almost try fishing for supper in that water feature!

  5. Rhu

    I am slowly easing myself back into blogland. Look at what I have missed ! Your layout and style looks fantastic. Can you tell me how to get those cute shapes around the images in my sidebar? xxx

  6. I drop pegs in my sporadic water feature too, BB – and sometimes they then become embedded in the mud! I seem to have retained more grass this time.

    Wow, never been told anything I wear is ‘tres chic’, Wendy! Not many see me in them – and truth be known they were the only colour the disposal store had last year when I got fed up with all the rain and consequent ponding under my clothesline!

    Yay for rain where it’s needed MissyBoo!! (0.2mm doesn’t sound like enough though, oi…)

    I was contemplating goldfish Jayne LOL

    Hey Rhu, welcome back, and thanks for the compliments! (As I just said to Wendy, I don’t get complimented on my ‘style’ very much, LOL) . You’re doing pretty well with your blog renovations and reorganisation yourself, but given your RL talents I’m not surprised!!

    Not sure what you mean about ‘cute shapes’… you mean the ‘borders’ of my photos? – if so, just the eraser tool in Photoshop.

  7. pixie

    Clothesline? Oh that thing right around the other side of the house with spiderwebs on it.

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