Days of our lives

Who wants some rain? Will you come and take it then? We really, really don’t need it, we’ve had more than our fair share, and other parts of the country are desperate for it.  We’ve had showers the past two days – and that ^up there is what is forecast for the forseeable future as well.  I suppose Saturday and Sunday might be ok, but in the meantime my immediate reaction is a groan, because I’ve got a backload of washing that I’d like to get dry!

I suppose that sounds weird to many people around the globe – those who aren’t blessed with a drying climate like ours, where hanging the washing out in the backyard (on the Hills Hoist – as Linda rightly pointed out when commenting on my last post) isn’t the norm like it is here. (Although I know that the benefits of drying outdoors is being increasingly lost to the expedience of tumble drying.)

This photo (obviously, as I’m whingeing about not being able to use my clothesline), is not from today. I don’t actually make a habit of taking photos of my clothes on the line – this one is from 3 years ago.  Right now, it’s just what I’m daydreaming of..   How sad is that?

See, me – I don’t have a tumble dryer. (What was that sound? – a collective *gasp*?)  It’s ok, fellow housewives. All is not lost. I do have a dryer – however one that is something of a novelty – a rarity, in fact, because I’ve never met anyone, other than Himself’s parents, who have one.

It’s a cabinet dryer – basically a fridge size cabinet with racks that blows hot air out the bottom. I like it because it doesn’t shrink clothes like tumble dryers can do.  You can put wet shoes in it. I like my cabinet dryer. Fickle as the damn thing is…

It’s .. old. And Himself has to keep ‘encouraging’ it to work. When it doesn’t get used for a while, the fan at the bottom seizes up. And there’s also some sort of dodgy connection with the electrics.   Both of these issues can often be overcome with the application of a Technician’s Tap – and being the wife of a technician, I’ve acquired a certain skill in that department. (Quite proud of that, I am…)

Alas, today, after a run of fine weather, El Dryer has seized up and is not cooperating, and no amount of technicians tapping on my part will do the trick. Which will mean getting Himself to attend to it tonight. Which will mean ‘clearing the runway’ in the laundry, and manoevering (sp?)  the thing out so he can work on it. Which of course is tiresome.  And it would all just be so much easier if these stupid “showers” would go away! (And stop tormenting me with interludes of sunshine in between heavy downpours!)


… a couple of hours later, with sunshine and blue sky teasing me, I’ve got a line full of washing, fingers crossed, one eye on the weather bureau radar, and a blog post full of drivel.

… I even took a photo of my very ‘novel’ dryer, but the camera battery has gone flat and is presently sitting on charge.

… I was working up to a very neat segue about the laundry and kitchen plans for our renovations – and the issues I’ve had with the first kitchen company that we were sent to (highlighted by the barely concealed disdain for my individual preferences – particularly when it came to my dryer) but I will put everyone out of their misery for now and leave that for another day. I’m sure there is other housewifely stuff I could be doing other than debating laundry drying dilemmas.



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7 responses to “Days of our lives

  1. I’ve never seen a cabinet dryer… would love to see a photo sometime. what are they like for power consumption? any worse than a tumble dryer?

  2. Linda

    oh my god, you are in the dark ages, YEARS ago I had what u had and it is not right, Toss it out and get with the 21 st century, even your camera is giving u the hint. UPDATE NOW!

    in the meantime enjoy the rain a little bit longer as we are getting none

  3. ..and we are being encouraged to give up using our dryers and rediscover clothes lines to save on electricity. ( yes I do my part )

    Great in the summer but trying to hang outside in a the winter is impossible. I do remember my mother bringing in frozen sheets and towels so she must have been hardier than I am.

  4. Wendy

    Yes I can vaguely remember a drying cabinet in our house when I was growing up. It was v e r y slow at drying anything, but it was nice for warming up or drying off wet school shoes.
    Showers clearing where we are today – supposedly back again for the weekend. Hot and humid today though.
    Someone should be telling me to get back to those housewifely duties too …….. and off the time waster of a computer!! Have a good day Tracey 🙂

  5. Oh, mum and dad had one of those cabinet dryers and gave it to me when I was first married (to the first man-thing) who kept it when we split.
    Hills Hoist and clothes horses are my weapon of choice now 😉

  6. MissyBoo

    Ooooh! One of my work colleagues has a drying cabinet too (her hubby is forever tinkering to encourage it to keep working).

    I have a dryer, it rarely gets any use. After living in the middle east where you couldn’t line dry due to dust and sand issues, I am a confirmed line dryer lover! Though the dryer was good for the bed wetting stage!!!

  7. Can’t believe I’m blogging about a dryer, but I am – with pictures – next post! But I forgot to answer your question, Shish – I have no idea about the power consumption. (They are from the days before those energy rating stickers!) It does take longer to dry stuff than a tumble dryer, but possibly it doesn’t run as hot.

    We are spoilt here in Oz, E. With most of the country not doing snow, we just expect to hang stuff out year round.

    Sometimes I wouldn’t mind a tumble dryer for sheets and towels during rainy days-on-end, but I think it would be a bit OTT to have two dryers! So the sheets must generally wait till it’s fine.

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