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Tweeting about…

Supposedly my major topics of tweeting over the past month.

Baby [huh?]

getting .. love… night….  [I wish.]

If it was over just the past week it would include DIZZY. Which I still am. Though weirdly, not so bad at night. Go figure.

I have a few blog posts in my head, but no motivation to get them out of my head and onto the screen. It’s easier to sit and watch the TV, because at least then my head is relatively still.



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You make me dizzy Miss Fizzy

It’s kind of spooky when one of the cartoons in Wednesday’s local paper reflects EXACTLY your current state of being:

Funny how the whole merry-go-round allegory is kind of appropriate too.

The chiropractor did help a bit – on Thursday. He said that 9 out of 10 times dizziness can be caused by your neck being out.   I’ll either have to go see him again next week to knock it out of me completely – or just get used to being in a constant state that I can only describe as like being  ‘tipsy’. (Only a bit different.)

Himself thinks that I shouldn’t complain – people pay money for alcohol to achieve that state.  He, however, DID NOT understand, the other morning just how hard it is to focus on discussions about banking issues when I wake up with my head feeling like I’ve just sculled a few glasses of white. (As I walked about the kitchen trying to deal with the making of the school lunches, the amount of movement required to walk around (thus causing my head to move around)  being in direct correlation to the amount of dizziness I was feeling).

It’s weird. It comes and goes. I just hope that one day I’ll wake up and it’s gone.

Meanwhile – in a kind of unrelated issue this week – except that it rhymes – I’ve had to go buy a few bottles of fizzy drink.

Let me explain.

We’ve had a tradition in our house of saving fizzy drink for celebratory occasions. Apart from parties, and visitors, if someone ‘achieves’ something, we go buy a bottle of fizzy for the girls to share over dinner.

It’s been a source of amusement at times. For instance, when Ms 14 (now) got Dux of her primary school a few years ago, the first thing she said when I went to give her a big hug at the end of the presentation was: “So can we have fizzy drink tonight?”. (What?! Is that all she could think of?!)

Anyway, I’m starting to think we should revise this tradition – or put some sort of cap on their achievements. Because there’s been far too much fizzy drink consumed this week. (Far too much achievement round here – it’s got to stop!)

On Monday Ms 11 lobbied for Fizzy because she had her Student Council induction assembly.

On Wednesday Ms 14 went to the high school Zone Swimming Carnival, and sent me a text during the day to go buy fizzy drink. She’d won her 50m freestyle (and ‘beat that Grafton chick who is always pretty fast’). And they won a few relays.

On Thursday there was the primary school District Swimming carnival, where Ms 11 was in a few races. She came 1st in her backstroke, and 2nd in butterfly.  We did the ‘fizzy’ at the corner shop on the way home. (Don’t always have to share with the sisters…)

And then the next day she found out that she had made equal Senior Girls Champion – how, we don’t really know – because she didn’t place in the 100m freestyle, or the 4 x 50m medley.  All the rest of the placings in all the other races must have really been shared around.

She suggested that this was worthy of yet more Fizzy – but I said that REALLY, I think we’ve celebrated achievements enough this week – and the trophy – and the lovely surprise she got would do.

Well, I don’t really think they should put a cap on ‘achieving’, but maybe we need to revise the celebration system!

Today Ms 16 has been a bit off colour, and kind of dizzy. (The bad mother part of me hopes that it might have hopped over from me to her…)

Dizzy. Fizzy. Enough, ok!


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Festival of the Overpriced Roses

I mentioned Valentine’s Day in passing yesterday… ‘in joking’ actually. Because when I say that we don’t do Valentine’s Day, I mean it. And it has been so all along.

I’ve dredged up a post I wrote 3 years ago about my take on it all. I wrote it for a competition on another blog. (Didn’t win, but I got an ‘honorable mention’ for it!)

The Topic, is of course, Love.

Feb 12, 2007

Well, why wouldn’t it be, with this being the week of the ‘Festival of Overpriced Roses’ and all? I wish I could take credit for that tag, but I picked it from an article by some other cynic in the paper on the weekend. And, at the risk of offending the romantics out there, I like it! It just so happens to click with the way we do (or rather “don’t do”) Valentines Day around here.

I’d been debating whether to attempt a post on the topic of “Love” since reading other entries to Scribbit’s Write Away contest. I’m not prone to waxing lyrical about romance, and keeping it ‘non-mushy’ is fairly critical when I know that my Other Half might be reading my blog. (Hello Mr Unromantic!). But when I read that the judge was a ‘love-cynic’, and then I checked the world times and realised that the earth’s rotation and placement of the international date line gave me a few more hours till the deadline, even though it was already Monday here, I figured fate had sent me a last minute invitation.

I’d already tossed around a few ideas in my head about how I might describe our particular ‘love story’. I was working on dinky titles like “A double canoe, and a bicycle built for two”, because that pretty much describes us. But, now that I’ve mentioned it, the “Festival of the Overpriced Roses”, is a very apt starting point, and a pertinent theme.

As fate would have it, indeed, I happened to be chatting to him yesterday morning, as he tinkered with one of our tandem bikes. Somehow the topic of Valentines Day came up, and I mentioned how he freaked me out when the first February 14 of our relationship loomed way back in 1986.

“You told me you had something you needed to talk to me about, and so of course my heart sank, because I thought, ‘Oh no! He wants to break up! Only 3 months after I finally got over my fear of ruining our friendship with a ‘relationship’!’ “

“And then you said, “I just wanted to let you know that I don’t believe in buying overpriced flowers for a commercial thing like Valentines Day.’ ” Continue reading


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A sense of achievement is soooo romantic.

Well, what else would you want to be doing on Valentine’s Day, but working up a sweat clearing the yard?

You might recall this shot (in our front yard) from last weekend:

Well, lookee now:

It’s all got to go once the extensions begin – so you’re not meant to exclaim “Hey, nice garden!” ! But it looks doable now. We won’t need to clear away a jungle to make way for the garage.  (Those bloody ferns are a pain in the proverbial. Can’t believe the idiots who planted them.)

So, anyway, on our first (of two) trips to the tip – or rather the local waste depot place – the Lions Club guys who operate it said to me “Gee, you’d think he’d take you out somewhere better for Valentines Day!”

I did laugh. It didn’t matter. We just aren’t into Valentines Day. At all. Never have been.  But, really, when it comes down to it, it’s not a bad thing to be working at, and achieving something, together.  Perhaps I could have done without the sweat trickling into my eyes. And the ants crawling on me. And the sawdust falling on me (as I made like ballast on the bottom of the ladder, while he sawed at some branches on high – the ones that were too thick for the super whammy deluxe lopper).

But I’m counting on the fact that all the physical exertion involved (when I wasn’t being ballast, but dragging armfuls of branches to the trailer, or wielding the Super Duper Lopper myself) burnt off a kazillion calories.

And we had some time together, just the two of us, without the kids. (OK, so it was driving to and from the tip!)

We’ve achieved something that’s been needing to be done for the past – oh – 10 years.

I’ve had worse days!

And I think I’ll sleep quite well tonight.


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Like a woman possessed…

Last weekend when we were doing the big scrub clearing job –  using, alternately, a bush saw and a pair of secateurs – our young neighbour came over and offered us the use of one of these:

Holy moly – talk about awesome. We couldn’t believe the size of branch they just chomp through – like the proverbial knife through butter.  (Something like 40 – 45mm diameter.) I had a go, but thought I’d better when my ‘iffy’ shoulder started twingeing a bit.   (And I did end up paying for my gardening exertions during the week.)

Well, today Himself went out and bought us one.  We’ve still got lots to clear, front and back, so it’d be a worthwhile investment, we thought.  So much quicker than a saw. And it’s got a butt-kicking name to match    … “Heavy Duty Ratchet Anvil Lopper”

Only problem is, I think he might have to hide it from me.

This afternoon I got impatient waiting for him to chomp off a couple of branches that were getting in the way of the clothesline.

But once I started I couldn’t stop!

How can I put it? It’s just very, VERY addictive. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Shoulder twinge.  Meh.. what the heck. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp.

(I’m not sure what that says about me!)

I told myself a few times to ‘put the lopper down, and step away’…  only to find myself, 20 minutes later, back out there again, hacking into ‘just a few more branches’.

It’s not that it’s too much being pruned, it’s just that it’d be pretty stupid to spend the next week (again) dosing up on voltaren for my dodgy shoulders and elbows.

Needless to say, with the cuttings left over from Himself doing a Heavy-Duty-Ratchet-Anvil-Lopper blitzkrieg late last Sunday, and these  exploits of mine this afternoon, we already have another trailer load worth of green waste to take to the tip first thing tomorrow.

Then Himself got home from a driving lesson with Ms 16, and I think it has some sort of hold over him too, because he spent the last half hour of daylight hacking away out the front again.

(Make that TWO trailer loads!)

Guess what we’ll be doing tomorrow…


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Something for the CV

“Hi Tracey,

PRG have recently been trying to turn some of our articles into videos, to give the writing and the site a much wider audience. The film-makers asked us to suggest a few of our best articles, and then chose one they liked most. They chose your article about ‘The Other Woman’ – so when it has been filmed, you can add ‘screenwriter’ to your CV!

I’ll let you know when it has been completed and send you a copy – I reckon it will be really good.

Best wishes …”

Screenwriting?!   It’s going to be interesting to see what they do with it.  Me, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start!


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Images of a Sunday in February

Ms 11 likes her cereal. One packet doesn’t last that long when, every day, she fills
her bowl like this.  No idea where she puts it either…

“Legs Eleven” would be an appropriate moniker for her…

Anyway.. back to today…

The heavens opened during the night (loud enough to wake us up) – and once again I have this fabulous water feature in my garden. Under the clothesline. (Jamie Durie, eat your heart out.)

Hanging out the clothes in gumboots – ankle deep in water…   reckon it could catch on?

Very remiss of me, but I neglected to take a photo of any more of our reverse gardening exploits. We took yesterday’s load to the tip, then hacked into it for most of the rest of the day, and just made it with another load before tip closing time at 4pm.  The rain stayed away till one downpour mid-afternoon.  Little wonder it keeps building up – it has been INSANELY humid. All day I was unsure whether the tickling sensation on my neck or back was rivulets of sweat, or ants and bugs jumping ship from the vegetation I was man-handling around. (Either/or, it was.)

My t-rusty dryer is also now fixed – so it’s getting a bit of a workout tonight.

And after my workout today, I’m looking forward to bed.


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