You know, I’ve sat here so many times over the last couple of days, reflecting on what trivia from the past week or so is worth blogging about. It’s hard to play blogging catch up sometimes.

Needless to say, I’ve not come up with anything remotely meaningful. Too much in my head. And too little.

And (sorry Linda) but today’s no exception (and I have a school swimming carnival to go to tomorrow…)

So in the meantime, I’m going to play along with Bush Babe.

Bush Babe takes the most extraordinary photos – and in her last post – wittily entitled Eye-Max Theatre, she has the most amazing images. Just. Amazing.

And because, apart from being an awesome photographer, she’s also very cool – and she’s put out the challenge to check out our own photo archives, and to find some reflections to share.

Have YOU seen any freaky, fabulous reflections in your world lately?

I bet you have – if you disagree, look again!

(Think: rear-view mirrors, the still water of a lake or puddle, the tinted window of your car…)

If you are inspired to post a reflected image at your blog, I will put a link up here at the bottom of this post to share… come on… play with me!

OK, Bush Babe. I’ll play!

I know I haven’t got anything remotely of the quality she has posted. And I haven’t got a horse, for those big, beautiful eyes.  And I haven’t got an SLR camera.  (Or the talent to go behind one.) But I’ve got a daughter who started taking arty-ish photos after doing a photography unit at school (and as I trawled through our photo archives I can tell what year it was because of the sudden proliferation of photos taken at all sorts of interesting angles.) And needless to say, there were a few reflections among them. So, I’d like to share:

So, with the lack of equine lenses in our general environs, we have to make do with sunnies. Ms 16  takes a lot of reflective photos when we’re out bike riding and all wearing sunglasses.

This one is quite possibly a self portrait – these teenagers these days tend to do a bit of that sort of photography. Especially when you’re bored in the car. (Checkout any myspace or facebook account…)  Ahem, and they’re either my bike glasses, or her father’s old ones.

Backyards and rain provide some opportunities too:

On my travels through all my photo folders, I’ve also got some shots (that I took) that I’m quite chuffed about – from a houseboat holiday on Myall Lakes a few years ago.  And a few lucky shots at the beach. But I might leave them for next time we play Reflections.



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4 responses to “Reflections…

  1. Great selection Trace! Love the kids shots – go with that great instinct guys… I adore a good sunnies spin on the world!

    And I think you sell yourself short Tracey – those last two are great… putting your link up now!

  2. I think these are very worthy offerings. Truly! Came here via BB, my blogging pal from Down Under.

  3. Linda

    thank you for the post, my mind has been sucked dry lately, only boring mundane stuff around here!
    But I like your photo contribution, I like the washing line one, don’t know why, maybe because it is typically an aussie icon….did you know that …..the inventor was from south australia..please don’t google and double check, but I am sure I am right

  4. Thanks guys (thanks for dropping in Kate!). All down to my clever daughter I’m afraid.

    I do like my washing line one too, Linda – in fact, that, along with weather issues threatening the use of my precious clothes line have inspired the most uninspiring post for today…
    (I did google and check!)

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