There was movement at the station…

Well, I’ve managed a new photo up top there. That’s something, isn’t it?

Slothing kids on summer school holidays, and Australian Open tennis on one’s still-a-novelty widescreen telly aren’t conducive to much in the way of writing action.

The good news is that school holidays are over! They’re back at school (two yesterday, one today). Which means that pretty soon I’ll regain my headspace! Mind you after a 5km walk this morning, there wasn’t much action of any sort around here. Except that I got my bike out and rode 5km (to pick up the car I’d dropped off earlier at the mechanic’s).. and that I started back at my Friday night swim squad.

Otherwise- I’m such a procrastinator!

Weekend tomorrow, then business as usual from Monday. Which may or may not result in more frequent blogging!



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5 responses to “There was movement at the station…

  1. LOVE the picture, yes I do! It’s totally YOU.

  2. Don’t you look comfy and relaxed. *grin*

  3. Linda

    lovely photo of you , makes me relax just looking at it, what a life……and I am looking forward to a good read on Monday, no pressure

  4. Well, nothing too relaxing about the process of getting to that point, but – oh boy, is it worth it!

  5. That is a fab photo, look like you’re having a ball 🙂

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