Beached as…

A lazy summer school holiday Saturday.  A sleep-in. And some family beach time. Twice in one day! (Actually three times for Ms 16 and Ms 11 – amazingly Herself stayed up after her early paper run (yes, more often than not she goes back to bed at 7.30!) and took her little sister down for a swim before breakfast.

It’s only in the past four years or so that I have finally learnt the knack of body surfing. We’ve lived here, only a few hundred metres from the beach, for 12 years now, but it’s only been the last few years, after so many spent taking turns to mind children, that I’ve been able to get some  tuition from the master (ie. time out in the surf with my bodysurfing husband.)

These days we all hang out together ‘out the back’. Well, four of us head out there – Ms 14 with her boogie board, and the rest of us eschewing the use of equipment. And we catch waves. The Daddy rides them in, usually till his toes are scraping the sand. Then he brings Ms 11 out with her boogie board. He shoots her off on a wave, then catches one himself. (If he times it right, and the waves are the right sort, he can sometimes ride the same wave as her.)

Rinse, lather, repeat.

And grin at each other like dopes each time we stop, and stand up out of the wash, exhilarated. (NB. When doing this without rash shirt (like at 7.00 late this arvo), I have to make sure ‘everything’ is tucked back into my swimmers before standing up.)

I still can’t ride them in as far as him (he makes me laugh with how ridiculously far he can go), but I’m doing pretty well for an old girl who didn’t really take it up until in my 40s.  It’s got to be good exercise too – with all that wading/swimming/diving under waves to get back out. (That’s what I keep telling myself – and after a couple of hours worth of doing that today, I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting to sleep tonight.)

Each time today I called it quits before the rest of them. I usually do. They probably think it’s lack of stamina. But I like my quiet time where I stand there, soaking it all up. One of those moments where you couldn’t pay me to live anywhere else in the world.



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7 responses to “Beached as…

  1. Wendy

    Lucky you – sounds like the good life to me!

  2. Sounds FABULOUS!
    My Dad is an avid bodysurfer as well – he can knock over toddlers he gets in so far! Beach skittles… of course he tried it in Hawaii, where the beaches were rocks than sand. Not pretty Jan.

    Love that you love where you live!

  3. It’s certainly not bad, Wendy! Not bad at all!

    LOL, BB. (And *ouch!*) Himself would knock over toddlers too, only the best bit about our beach is that there’s no toddlers, or any other swimmers in the road! Our kids are spoilt – WE are spoilt. Now we can’t handle going to other beaches where, *gasp, horror* there are other people!

  4. Linda

    you have a great life up there by the sound of it, keep enjoying it and please continue telling us about it!

  5. Sounds like a perfect day!

  6. Living on a beach sounds wonderful. Living where the beach has NO OTHER PEOPLE sounds…idyllic. *sigh*

  7. Good for you!
    Can’t say as I’ve ever really tried it but it looks like great fun 🙂

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