Our canyoning trips.

Canyoning is something that M. introduced me to many many years ago now. He’d done quite a few before I came on the scene. After that, he didn’t get to do many without me, as I was totally hooked.

Just to refer back to some definitions/descriptions I posted once before:

A wikipedia definition

Some photos of our past canyoning trips…

The one we did two years ago – Bells Creek

The website of one of Australia’s canyoning ‘gurus’

Back in the old days we’d spend many a summer weekend up in the mountains going canyoning. (It was pretty handy that M’s parents had a holiday house up there…) We’d often do one on each day – something that I and my ageing body can only look back on wistfully now…

When the girls were babies, naturally it cramped our style a bit, though we snuck out every now and then when we could wangle a day and night’s babysitting with grandparents.

These days we live even further from Blue Mountains canyoning territory,  a day’s drive – so we only manage to get there every year or so, and we tend to make a week of it.  It’s been pretty cool to gradually start taking the girls once we felt they were old enough, and competent enough. And of course, we’ve chosen to do canyons that we feel are within their capabilities. And these abilities vary – Eldest’s first canyon was when she was 11 – incidentally the first one we did again this year. Youngest is now the same age, but she’s not quite as robust – or game – as the eldest was at the same age, so she didn’t come on that one. Two years ago she did a small section of Wollangambe canyon (pretty much the easiest canyon you can do – despite this week’s tragedy I’ve referred to last post). This year we included her for Wollangambe Two – the next section downstream (and possibly more picturesque), and we know that by next time she’ll be ready for something a bit more technical.

Anyway, onto photos – click on the photos to go to Himself’s facebook albums of each.  He’s a bloody slacko when it comes to captions – I shall have to hijack his computer and facebook profile and do them for him.

This one was called Rocky Creek (incidentally my first ever canyon!) – and this time we did a smaller upstream canyon called ‘Sheep Dip’ as a lead in. No idea why we’ve never done it before – it was a hoot, with a few jumps and slides. (Plus it eliminates the previous longer walk in to the start of Rocky Creek!)  Unlike some canyons it doesn’t involve any abseiling. Just a few climb downs, or jump-ins. And swims through deep pools through a few very awesomely constricted parts.

We did it with two friends and their 12/13 year old boys – first time canyoning for the boys.

And this was our family trip to Wollangambe Two:

The track in is the same as the exit track for Wollangambe One. One slightly challenging section involves a bit of a climb down. We knew the older two would be cool with it – but it was a new challenge for Ms 11 – and she handled it superbly. Dad set up a handline – and stood below her giving instructions. By the time we were walking out of the canyon (up a different track that involved some climbs) she was giving me tips on where the handholds were.



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  1. You’re a braver gal than me, Ms Trace!

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