Ahhh, home sweet home…

Home, where my computer is not working, the washing machine has chucked a wobbly – stopping when it comes to pump-out-the-water-time, thus leaving me with a backlog of laundry, and the furniture company has decided it needs to take our table top today or tomorrow (for fixing of  a dodgy joint). Right while Ms 16 has two friends staying from out of town! Handy timing that…

But! We had a good week away. The main purpose of our trip was to go canyoning, and that we did. (One day with friends + kids who we hadn’t seen in some time, and one with just the five of us.)

We also saw (and stayed with) various relatives either side of our stay in the Blue Mountains, so we can sign off on the seasonal family obligations, even if, apparently, my mother is a bit miffed that this time we stayed with my sister. (Shocking, that…)

Plus we had a BBQ with a couple of M’s old school friends.  (and families), who we hadn’t seen in a few years either.

In the middle of summer we had a couple of foggy, misty days where we were rugged up in polar fleece tops (and I confess to even turning the heater on one night!) The following day, of course, we were sweating profusely as we trekked down the bush track into the canyon. That’s Australia for you. A land of climatic contrasts, no matter what time of the year.

The eldest daughter (aka the Drama Queen, aka the Senior Terrorist) was on her best behaviour, generally speaking, and despite extending our return time home by yet a few more hours (to drop in on aforementioned Grandma for a surprise breakfast so as to assuage the daughter guilt I was feeling for only having seen them on New Year’s Eve) she managed to contain her frustration. (As it turns out, her friend from out of town is staying a day or two longer than first anticipated.)  Plus, perhaps the Maximum Embarrassment Technique used by her parents at every opportunity – informing family and friends that we were, apparently, “crap parents”  – might have worked a little bit.

We have some great photos, which currently reside on Himself’s laptop, and he’s not yet got round to posting them up anywhere. He has been too busy trying to fix computers, and misbehaving washing machines. Just what he feels like doing on his last two days of leave before returning to work on Wednesday. So.. photos, which will illustrate ‘canyoning’ to those who have never heard of it, plus serve as documentation of what we call family holiday fun, will get blogged in due course. (I realised when I was writing my end of year ‘letter’ that I relied immensely on my blog as a diary/journal -the memory is just not what it used to be!)

I’ve only been composing this blog post for a few hours – during which time I have helped Himself siphon the water out of the washing machine, move it out into the carport, and then watched and applauded as he found the source of our woes – a bobby pin caught in the pump. (He has thus saved us from the cost of the repair guy – who couldn’t get here till Thursday – and I have now vacuumed up all the dust bunnies that were loitering behind and under said machine, and holding a pair of navy sports shorts to ransom. (Sadly no other missing items of clothing were found.)  And a load of washing is, once again, a happening thing. I was starting to get a bit worried about the post-holiday backlog. My husband is a pretty handy dude to have around. I think I’ll keep him.

About to head off to the beach for a dip before taking Ms 11 to a holiday swim class, and waving Himself off to Touch. (It was good to have a break from all that over Christmas and throughout our little holiday escapade.)



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7 responses to “Ahhh, home sweet home…

  1. Yay for handy hubbies… and looking forward to the canyoning pics!

  2. hooray for good breaks! Canyoning sounds wonderful, and I look forward to pictures.

  3. Sounds like a lovely time away for you all 🙂
    Yep, keep the handy hubby, they’re also usful for climbing ladders and doing fiddly things with garden lights 😉

  4. Wendy

    Happy New Year Tracey! and welcome back sounds like a successful holiday all in all.
    It is a constant source of amazement to me what can actually be found behind a washing machine. I came back from my morning walk one day to find my DH had pulled the w.machine out from wall to look for a missing sock! Now that’s desperate. I didn’t tell him that I found it some time later in the dryer haha.
    Canyoning sounds just like so much fun (not for me though I’ll just enjoy the photos when they appear).
    Cheers Wendy

  5. Linda

    Glad to hear that you all had a great holiday! Missed your blogs, looking forward to reading more of them.

  6. Loved the photos. I’m so glad you go and adventure for me. 🙂

  7. Hey everyone! Happy New Year to you all too. Working up to another post.. and catching up on everyone’s blogs as well.

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