Blogging kind of took a back seat over Christmas preparations round here, even though we had a stay-at-home, just-us-5  pretty stress-free day. [OK, what really happened is that I used up all the words in my head trying to finish up our yearly online ‘newsletter’ !!]

I’m also working on downsizing the stress involved every year, but I still have some work to do in that department.

In the lead up to Christmas, till now…

.. Ms 11 finally let it be known that she’s actually wise to the whole Santa myth. (But “Santa” had already done a bit of shopping…)

.. We bought a new TV, prompted by a xmas gift donation (by my MIL) of some hundreds of dollars towards getting ourselves a flat/widescreen/digital telly.  We shopped around, researched a bit, then upgraded somewhat from what you could buy for $800. We probably should have waited till the sales after Christmas, however much enjoyment has been had from the ‘it’s so clear!’ vision, and the increased choice of viewing.  (Translation: much slothing and TV viewing has ensued.)

.. we had WW3 over Ms 16 having lost the receipt from the laptop she was bought more than a month ago, and her slackness in not having done the Windows 7 redemption process she was supposed to. It led to a humungous clean up of her room (in order to look for said receipt), and then  WW4 over the stuff she was hoiking out. (Such as plastic containers from the kitchen, good kitchen spoon, cups… and more…)

.. a trampoline now adorns the backyard. (Why did I do that? How am I going to mow around it?!)

.. we had a quiet christmas day, with a lovely swim at the beach. Walked over to the beach on the south side of the headland, saw two dolphins, and, as it was lunchtime, had the whole beach to ourselves.

.. many, many prawns (cold, cooked prawns, plus marinated green prawns done on the BBQ).were consumed by the four prawn-eating members of the household. And much potato salad was consumed by the pleb.

.. there is still a lot of ham to consume. (What’s an Aussie christmas without a ham?)

.. we had visitors last night, friends from Sydney who happened to be staying nearby, so now we have clean windows (on the bottom floor at any rate!) We also had an enjoyable time catching up.

.. today we are fiffing and faffing through wetsuits, lilos, dunlop volleys, and general packing lists for a trip down south which includes  one night at my MIL’s on the way down, NYE + the next night at my sister’s in Sydney, then several days in the Blue Mountains, where we intend to go canyoning on a couple of days.

…we’ve had WW5 over the fluidity and flexibility of our return date, because a certain person wants to be back by a certain date, but when her mother was actually looking up train timetables, a certain person was very insolent.

.. we have been called ‘crap parents’.

.. I am wondering why we are going away, because even though it will be nice to do a couple of canyons (and catch up with friends both while doing that, and in Sydney) we have so much we really should be doing round here while Himself has leave.

.. I now don’t really (yet) know how to work my new TV and DVD recorder. Which is really sad. Especially when the only way we have to play a CD at the moment (other than the computer) is on this new DVD player. And just now I needed to get Ms 11 to figure out how to open the bloody disk tray! (Which she figured out by reading the manual, which I couldn’t be bothered doing!)

Over and out till we get back.

Hope everyone had a relatively stress free Christmas.. and thinking of everyone whose Christmas wasn’t!



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3 responses to “Christmess.

  1. Ah… sounds like a pretty normal Christmas to me! At least you weren’t trapped inside with teenagers – which you would have been if you had tried a White Christmas in Oklahoma out!

    HAve a great New Year’s trip… am sure it will all come together!

  2. Linda

    I am so glad we all share problems at Christmas.. it is such an honest way to look at life…saying that you were crap parents outloud is a bit much, but you know she doesn’t mean it…she is a terror teenager….

  3. Teens, hormones, yerch!
    Hope you have a lovely trip and a very happy New Year 🙂

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