Of course

Ms 16 has work placement in town all this week.  And, as the Daddy works in town, she and I had the logistics of the to’s and fro’s all worked out.

But OF COURSE, he has had to go away for work!  Today. Till.. well.. he’s not even sure what day. And, of course, even this morning, he had to leave earlier to catch a plane, so he couldn’t even take her in.

I do wonder about fate sometimes. (Or is it karma? Did I do something wrong?)

So that’s a couple of 46km return trips to town each day for the next few days.

This morning also started with a 5.45 am drive to drop Ms 14 off for a one-day school excursion to Dreamworld.  (Nearly 4 hr bus ride each way.)  It’s an end of year ‘reward’ excursion for them (kids not on positive welfare awards don’t get to go) – but I’m feeling like it’s some sort of punishment for me! [Oh – ok, I suppose these theme park excursions kind of let me off the hook of having to take them there myself, so I shouldn’t grumble.]

I don’t do early mornings very well though – so I crawled back into bed, even though Himself was up and packing.  I really, really shouldn’t do that, because I drop off, and have weird dreams, then wake up again an hour or so later even more groggy.  And cranky. And emotional.

This week, it’s just hard to see myself as anything beyond being a chauffeur for my children.



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4 responses to “Of course

  1. Make sure you have music you like in the car. Pack snacks to keep YOU happy and do tell…what type of work for Ms 16?

  2. Meh, not that far that I need snacks!! LOL. I’m just having a whinge!

    It’s an IT work placement. One of her units for the HSC (Higher School Certificate) is IT.

  3. Sinful snacks are good anytime. Keeps you smiling even if it’s just to the corner and back. *laugh*

  4. Wendy

    I think that a little Tracey treat would be in order….. now if you just plan your day around that special shop you want to visit, or that cafe that has the extra super skinnichino … maybe the day will pan out a little smoother for you. Good luck!

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