Let a couple of 14 year olds loose in the kitchen, and this is the sort of cake they come up with…

So the bottom layer, round, is plain vanilla cake, coloured green, because Jayde likes green.

The middle layer is caramel, but coloured pink. As you do.

The top layer – a heart – is chocolate.

And the frosting.. well…   purple goes with chocolate – obviously.

They had fun.


[Edited to add: And probably the best bit is that I’m not the least bit tempted to scoff into it!]


[Edited even later to add: … except maybe the chocolate part…]



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5 responses to “Um…cake

  1. FABULOUS!!! Food colouring and kids – go together like a horse and carriage! (Think I might recall something along those lines:

  2. They can make me a cake any day.
    Love it!

  3. “cake by committee”
    too fun!

  4. I think they did a splendid job 🙂

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