Wheelings and dealings.

“Can we have everyone round for a big sleepover? On the 5th. As a farewell party for J?”   A joint request by Ms 16 and Ms 14.  They’ve become a bit more.. friendly.. lately. Getting on together. At last. Part of it is just maturity. Part of it is playing in the same netball team this year.  And J, in between them in age, played with them – her first year of netball, and she took to it so well she was trying out for one of the rep teams next year.

And then she suddenly found out that her father had landed a job in Queensland, and, whammo, a few weeks notice, and they’re moving away.

Throwing her a farewell ‘do’ is a nice thing.

But I’m not normally a fan of the whole sleepover thing, and Himself even less so.  Our house layout makes it a bit awkward for girls wanting to do the dvd thing yet have some privacy.  (Only one TV – I know! The Dark Ages!) Providentially Himself was going to be away for the weekend (playing Touch, what else),  so in a moment of madness I said ‘ok’.

Ms 16 offered me the use of her new laptop for the night. In other words ‘Can you please rack off upstairs so we can have the run of downstairs.’  Well, OK, I said. (It is easier to rack off upstairs when it’s just me – Himself wouldn’t take too kindly to the idea.) Littlest sister will also have to rack off upstairs, but she also has access to a laptop, so I guess we can be refugees together.

Ah, but don’t think they’re going to get away with it all that easily!  Naturally I put ‘cleaning’ out there as an ultimatum, with the threat that I’d quite happily pull the pin on it all at the last minute if things weren’t done.

Maybe I should let them have sleepovers every other week.  They’ve been busy little bees with the vacuum cleaner, and general tidying up.   What’s more, the two of them are working together amicably. It’s awesome!

I may not think it’s quite so awesome when the house is full of noisy, giggly girls.  The lounges have been pushed back, and they’ve already heaved the sofa bed futon downstairs.  Their bed mattresses are also apparently heading this way as well, plus some airbeds. I don’t know, I’m leaving all that to them.

I made up a pot of bolognaise last night, and I’ve said I’ll make them garlic bread.

Ms 14 has one friend here already and they are making a triple decker cake, of different flavours and food colouring. It’s.. um.. going to be interesting.

Anyway, tonight I’ve got myself plenty to do on Ms 16’s fancy new widescreen laptop too. Some articles to write, and a plenty to watch on ABC’s iView.

Well, I may not think it is quite so awesome when I have to nag to get everything cleared up tomorrow. Some more wheeling and dealing may be in order I think.  Any ideas?



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6 responses to “Wheelings and dealings.

  1. Hmmm – if they have already had the sleepover that is no longer leverage…

    Unless they EVER want ANYTHING like that again.

  2. Wendy

    Well, assuming that you all survived the night and that you are still on speaking terms with your daughters …….bribery is the only answer. Been there done that. … good luck!

  3. Linda

    how many little princesses stayed over?

  4. Only 5 others – and all went well. Don’t know how much sleep they had, but I was enjoying watching iView on the niiiiice laptop all the way upstairs… which I am going to hold to ransom until the rest of the stuff is cleared up! (They’ve put all the mattresses back.. just the dishwasher needs doing, and it’s pretty much done. Guess they’re good girls after all.)

  5. Sounds like a good foundation dealing you made for future sleep-overs, so they know what to expect and you can get the same deal 😉

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