Missing my comfy slippers

My desktop computer is not well. She is alive… but the Computer Doctor (aka Himself) says that her condition is unstable. She is on the transplant waiting list – awaiting a replacement motherboard and processor. Best not to interact with her, he said, or she might crash completely. (Not risking doing that to my hard drive!)

Still, I have, now, two computers on which I can still do my stuff.   Well, 3 if I counted the new laptop that was bought for Ms 16, (and which I have been promised use of on Saturday night so I can disappear “upstairs” and let the sleepover gang have the run of the downstairs loungeroom and TV.)  Four if I was extremely desperate and could wait till Himself is ever at home and use his laptop.  I wouldn’t die from not getting my internet fix, is what I’m saying…

He got the kids’ computer up and going again, and there is this spare ‘on-loan’ laptop I’m currently using.

So .. I’m doing ok, you know. Two computers to use! Doin’ well.

But.. it’s just not the same!

I miss my computer. I miss the ergonomics of it, the way it felt ‘just right’.

I’ve got my cordless mouse going on this laptop, but at the moment the only place for the laptop is on the dining room table, and it’s not the right height.

And I can’t figure out why the kids always preferred their desktop over mine. Must be a video card thing, but the font looks crappier, despite the monitor being exactly the same as mine. (The words look like they’ve been printed on an old dot matrix printer – that’s how bad it looks in comparison!)

And the roll out tray doesn’t come all the way out for some reason, so the keyboard position is crap, and the mouse is crap… and so I’m just not … comfortable when I’m using it.

And I’m having to deal with emails via my webmail, instead of via Outlook.  I can’t get to all my photos and the like. And I’m going to have to do some fiddling to get Dreamweaver and Filezilla going, so I can update netball and BUG websites.

All of that is doable, if not a bit of a pain. But for some reason all this.. un-rightness.. plays up with my creative energy or something.  When I try to write, I am just not ‘in the zone’.   I don’t feel like there is the right interaction between me, the keyboard and the words on the screen.

It’s like.. trying to do housework in the clothes I go out in.  It’s like… trying to cook in an unfamiliar kitchen. It’s like getting around in someone else’s shoes. Or slippers!

It’s just not… right!

What a finicky wuss!

Himself said he can hook up my hard drive to the kids’ computer. And we can move it to MY desk, with MY keyboard, and probably even set up Outlook. (If he gets a chance before he disappears for 3 days this weekend for a Touch football tournament.)

Meanwhile, forgive me if I appear to be not .. quite.. all … here….


Later:  My girls just read this post, and have protested! “You’re not going to move OUR computer to YOUR desk!”…

And the biggest one called me a Princess.

Can you believe that?!!



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5 responses to “Missing my comfy slippers

  1. Oh Trace – poor you.

  2. bushbabe

    Gosh… that’s a LOT of computers… are they all connected to the net?

  3. How we crave the familiar.

    Nasty children send them to bed without any supper.
    Mom’s comfort should be #1 in the house if they want food and clean clothing. ( at least that’s the argument I keep trying *grin* )

  4. Indeed, poor me!!!! (LOL)

    Yes, all connected to the net BB. Laptops are wireless. Himself’s is a work one. And the ‘spare’ is the one for the sport association he does the admin for. Given he lives on his work laptop it was easier for him to put the software onto it for the duration, otherwise he’d be lugging two laptops around. So it’s effectively ‘on loan’. [A fair price for the amount of time he spends on the bloody admin work I can tell you!]

    The laptop for #1 is just new – she is starting Year 12, and it’s kind of necessary these days. Especially seeing she is doing an IT unit, and it’s unrealistic to expect her to be able to work in the loungeroom.
    It’s also wonderful not to have her and Ms 14 arguing about whose turn it is to use either the desktop or the spare laptop…

    Seems a lot doesn’t it… a 21st Century household I guess. Combination of high school kids, a mother who is addicted to the internet, and a father who needs to be computer savvy for his job.

    Good thinking E. I might have to remind them of that. Cheeky monkeys.

  5. We’ve just bought Feral Beast a laptop for his Uni studies and installed a wireless router, seems very decadent except it’s very much needed 😉
    I can understand about the desktop thing – Feral Beast used to change all of my settings when he was using my ‘puter and I’d have to change everything back before I was happy lol.

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