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Blogging kind of took a back seat over Christmas preparations round here, even though we had a stay-at-home, just-us-5  pretty stress-free day. [OK, what really happened is that I used up all the words in my head trying to finish up our yearly online ‘newsletter’ !!]

I’m also working on downsizing the stress involved every year, but I still have some work to do in that department.

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Roll up for the magical medical mystery tour

It’s an interesting journey I’m on here at the moment. I’ve got the joint stuff happening… the ‘most likely it’s arthritis’ thing. The thrice daily doses of Panadol Osteo have taken the edge of it, but not really stopped it. It’s been still a bit random. I wake up in the morning wondering “Hey body, what part is going to be the worst today?”, but my left wrist has been the most recalcitrant. The right shoulder has still been letting me know it’s not done with the whole pain thing. And in the past week my right elbow decided to get in on the act. (Up till then, the elbows had abstained but I guess it’s the whole peer pressure thing.) The knees have, on the whole, been surprisingly well behaved. (Touch wood).

When I talk to people they express surprise that it hasn’t been diagnosed with pathology. I can’t help but wonder the same thing. And I have to admit I’m not entirely happy about just popping pills ad infinitum, yet I’m wussy enough to be quite happy with that aforementioned edge taken off the pain I’d originally experienced. So I take them religiously.

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What Christmas Spirit?

It’s that time of year again. Yep. It’s time for the spate of “humorous” articles and blog posts bagging out the Christmas card ‘newsletter’.

Whoa!  Where’d everyone get the sarcasm pills?  Where’s the Christmas spirit peoples?

You know, there’s a lot that I think is hideous, overboard, and pretty much unbearable about Christmas time, but, one of the few redeeming features of this time of year for me is when I get a Christmas card that has some news in it!

OK, sure, you get the painful ones, but for me they are more than compensated for by the news from people that I enjoy hearing from each year. I’d rather put up with a couple of shockers than get no news at all. What’s the alternative? Exchanging a few bits of decorated cardboard with our names on them? To Tracey and family. From Fred, Martha  and family.  What’s the point? Now that is a waste of trees, and a waste of postage money. Never mind the carbon footprint.

I’m getting old enough now to have accumulated friends through life that I can’t possibly keep up with during the year. Life is getting busier and busier, people live all over the country – all over the world.  Sure, a personal letter or email or phone call during the year would be ideal, but face it, it doesn’t happen. The days, weeks, and months slip by, and next thing you know it’s bloody Christmas again.

Should I ditch all those old friends from my life?  There are those that gradually slip from contact completely, but there are more that I do still care to hear from, and to know more than just that they are alive and capable of shelling out for a pack of cheap cards, and postage stamps.

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Of course

Ms 16 has work placement in town all this week.  And, as the Daddy works in town, she and I had the logistics of the to’s and fro’s all worked out.

But OF COURSE, he has had to go away for work!  Today. Till.. well.. he’s not even sure what day. And, of course, even this morning, he had to leave earlier to catch a plane, so he couldn’t even take her in.

I do wonder about fate sometimes. (Or is it karma? Did I do something wrong?)

So that’s a couple of 46km return trips to town each day for the next few days.

This morning also started with a 5.45 am drive to drop Ms 14 off for a one-day school excursion to Dreamworld.  (Nearly 4 hr bus ride each way.)  It’s an end of year ‘reward’ excursion for them (kids not on positive welfare awards don’t get to go) – but I’m feeling like it’s some sort of punishment for me! [Oh – ok, I suppose these theme park excursions kind of let me off the hook of having to take them there myself, so I shouldn’t grumble.]

I don’t do early mornings very well though – so I crawled back into bed, even though Himself was up and packing.  I really, really shouldn’t do that, because I drop off, and have weird dreams, then wake up again an hour or so later even more groggy.  And cranky. And emotional.

This week, it’s just hard to see myself as anything beyond being a chauffeur for my children.


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Let a couple of 14 year olds loose in the kitchen, and this is the sort of cake they come up with…

So the bottom layer, round, is plain vanilla cake, coloured green, because Jayde likes green.

The middle layer is caramel, but coloured pink. As you do.

The top layer – a heart – is chocolate.

And the frosting.. well…   purple goes with chocolate – obviously.

They had fun.


[Edited to add: And probably the best bit is that I’m not the least bit tempted to scoff into it!]


[Edited even later to add: … except maybe the chocolate part…]


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Wheelings and dealings.

“Can we have everyone round for a big sleepover? On the 5th. As a farewell party for J?”   A joint request by Ms 16 and Ms 14.  They’ve become a bit more.. friendly.. lately. Getting on together. At last. Part of it is just maturity. Part of it is playing in the same netball team this year.  And J, in between them in age, played with them – her first year of netball, and she took to it so well she was trying out for one of the rep teams next year.

And then she suddenly found out that her father had landed a job in Queensland, and, whammo, a few weeks notice, and they’re moving away.

Throwing her a farewell ‘do’ is a nice thing.

But I’m not normally a fan of the whole sleepover thing, and Himself even less so.  Our house layout makes it a bit awkward for girls wanting to do the dvd thing yet have some privacy.  (Only one TV – I know! The Dark Ages!) Providentially Himself was going to be away for the weekend (playing Touch, what else),  so in a moment of madness I said ‘ok’.

Ms 16 offered me the use of her new laptop for the night. In other words ‘Can you please rack off upstairs so we can have the run of downstairs.’  Well, OK, I said. (It is easier to rack off upstairs when it’s just me – Himself wouldn’t take too kindly to the idea.) Littlest sister will also have to rack off upstairs, but she also has access to a laptop, so I guess we can be refugees together.

Ah, but don’t think they’re going to get away with it all that easily!  Naturally I put ‘cleaning’ out there as an ultimatum, with the threat that I’d quite happily pull the pin on it all at the last minute if things weren’t done.

Maybe I should let them have sleepovers every other week.  They’ve been busy little bees with the vacuum cleaner, and general tidying up.   What’s more, the two of them are working together amicably. It’s awesome!

I may not think it’s quite so awesome when the house is full of noisy, giggly girls.  The lounges have been pushed back, and they’ve already heaved the sofa bed futon downstairs.  Their bed mattresses are also apparently heading this way as well, plus some airbeds. I don’t know, I’m leaving all that to them.

I made up a pot of bolognaise last night, and I’ve said I’ll make them garlic bread.

Ms 14 has one friend here already and they are making a triple decker cake, of different flavours and food colouring. It’s.. um.. going to be interesting.

Anyway, tonight I’ve got myself plenty to do on Ms 16’s fancy new widescreen laptop too. Some articles to write, and a plenty to watch on ABC’s iView.

Well, I may not think it is quite so awesome when I have to nag to get everything cleared up tomorrow. Some more wheeling and dealing may be in order I think.  Any ideas?


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Missing my comfy slippers

My desktop computer is not well. She is alive… but the Computer Doctor (aka Himself) says that her condition is unstable. She is on the transplant waiting list – awaiting a replacement motherboard and processor. Best not to interact with her, he said, or she might crash completely. (Not risking doing that to my hard drive!)

Still, I have, now, two computers on which I can still do my stuff.   Well, 3 if I counted the new laptop that was bought for Ms 16, (and which I have been promised use of on Saturday night so I can disappear “upstairs” and let the sleepover gang have the run of the downstairs loungeroom and TV.)  Four if I was extremely desperate and could wait till Himself is ever at home and use his laptop.  I wouldn’t die from not getting my internet fix, is what I’m saying…

He got the kids’ computer up and going again, and there is this spare ‘on-loan’ laptop I’m currently using.

So .. I’m doing ok, you know. Two computers to use! Doin’ well.

But.. it’s just not the same!

I miss my computer. I miss the ergonomics of it, the way it felt ‘just right’.

I’ve got my cordless mouse going on this laptop, but at the moment the only place for the laptop is on the dining room table, and it’s not the right height.

And I can’t figure out why the kids always preferred their desktop over mine. Must be a video card thing, but the font looks crappier, despite the monitor being exactly the same as mine. (The words look like they’ve been printed on an old dot matrix printer – that’s how bad it looks in comparison!)

And the roll out tray doesn’t come all the way out for some reason, so the keyboard position is crap, and the mouse is crap… and so I’m just not … comfortable when I’m using it.

And I’m having to deal with emails via my webmail, instead of via Outlook.  I can’t get to all my photos and the like. And I’m going to have to do some fiddling to get Dreamweaver and Filezilla going, so I can update netball and BUG websites.

All of that is doable, if not a bit of a pain. But for some reason all this.. un-rightness.. plays up with my creative energy or something.  When I try to write, I am just not ‘in the zone’.   I don’t feel like there is the right interaction between me, the keyboard and the words on the screen.

It’s like.. trying to do housework in the clothes I go out in.  It’s like… trying to cook in an unfamiliar kitchen. It’s like getting around in someone else’s shoes. Or slippers!

It’s just not… right!

What a finicky wuss!

Himself said he can hook up my hard drive to the kids’ computer. And we can move it to MY desk, with MY keyboard, and probably even set up Outlook. (If he gets a chance before he disappears for 3 days this weekend for a Touch football tournament.)

Meanwhile, forgive me if I appear to be not .. quite.. all … here….


Later:  My girls just read this post, and have protested! “You’re not going to move OUR computer to YOUR desk!”…

And the biggest one called me a Princess.

Can you believe that?!!


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