Hot and bothered

The temperature has apparently hit around 37 degrees, which is about 100 in the old money. No wonder I was feeling all hot and bothered.  Usually we are spoilt with a bit of a sea breeze, which tends to tempers things a bit round here (like my MOOD!) , but it felt more nor-westerly most of the day. Hot flushes anyone?

I don’t do heat very well. (Read: she becomes a cranky sod.) On top of that, The Cranky was building up because I’m frustrated with myself over the state of the house.

So what do you do when the temperature has climbed over 30 degrees?

Decide to clean out the dreaded Cupboard under the Stairs, that’s what.

The Cupboard under the Stairs had got so bad, I’m too embarrassed to have even taken a photo of it.  It had become a dumping ground, where you opened the door, shut your eyes, and chucked stuff in.

Needless to say the difficulty factor of finding what you wanted in there was inversely related to the ‘input’ method described above.

I desperately need to get this house cleaned up so that I can a) spray for cockroaches, and b) start getting prepared for the renovations, but the size of the job meant that I have just continued to put it off, and off, and off.

But I am trying to get a grip on things. And to turn over a new leaf with all that needs doing around here. So, I wiped the sweat from my brow, and waded in.

So, yes, it’s done, more or less. With lots of stuff  being heaved into the garbage bin and recycling bin. I’m the worst hoarder. I can’t bear to throw things out that I think might have a bit more use left in them. So there were several old backpacks.  Heaps of old shoeboxes (they might come in handy to store things in, mightn’t they?). A kazillion “green” bags (of many different colours and sizes.)  Old paints and craft stuff.   Arrrgh.

What to keep? What to throw?

Well, I’ve done a reasonably ruthless job, and you wouldn’t recognise the cupboard, although I still have a couple of shelves to sort.

I’m feeling quite satisfied with the progress and achievement. I’m chucking so much out, everything won’t fit in the bins, so I’ve stacked some stuff in the carport. Once the recycling bin is emptied this Wednesday I can start ripping up more boxes. And I need to leave room in the garbage bin for the following week’s collection. (Our weekly collection is greenwaste that includes food waste – ie. biomass).

I’m in control, though. Well, I was. Until the comments.

Admittedly Himself is very frustrated, having spent most of the weekend trying to get two computers to work again.

But I would just appreciate a bit more faith (despite past misdemeanours), rather than criticism and disbelief that I will get on top of this job.

I am NOT going to pay to go to the tip for what amounts to a few things.

I WILL get the stuff in the garbage bins over the next fortnight.

I WILL take the other stuff to the charity shops.

And I’m, apparently, not handling properly the ‘clean up’ ultimatum for the two girls who want a sleepover party here next weekend (while Himself is away)..  but that is a whole other story.

I just WOULD appreciate some positive reinforcement sometimes.  Something like “Great job Trace!” That would do it.


Thankfully things feel like they are cooling down a bit outside now. I can feel the seabreeze coming in the back door now. And, I feel less like slamming the door each time I go in and out to the bins!

(Despite being told not to slam the door!!!!)

I’ve thrown on a wash of a heap of bags. I can’t bear to throw them out.

And.. anyone got any ideas on what I can do with two hessian carrybags? There’s got to be a good use for them… somewhere….



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6 responses to “Hot and bothered

  1. bad day? go for a walk on your beach.
    Is that a ‘harry potter’ style cupboard?

    No cooler down here and super mum, no stupid mum is cooking a baked dinner for tea, leg of lamb! Please do not answer, it was retorical(spelling?)

  2. Hot and BOTHERED day, yep.
    Too hot to go for a walk.
    Very much reminds me of a Harry Potter style cupboard.
    To add to the heat Ms 14 decided to bake a ‘Ukrainian Cheesecake’ recipe that required an hour in the oven, then being left with the oven door OPEN after it was turned off.|
    OOPs, sorry, did i answer?!!!!

  3. Being the tosser in my house I find I have to secret stuff out or Paul will drag it right back in because .. it might still have a use!

    It means I don’t get any praise either so from one who would appreciate it I happily send you a…


  4. Well done Tracey!!!

  5. Well, E, I had a couple of beers (despite promises to self to cut out the alcohol…) Problem was I pulled out a full strength beer instead of a lite … which was pointed out to me only after I’d collapsed with it, opened, on the lounge. Needless to say I was a wee bit woozy after it, so that put paid to any desire to go and tramp up the beach, besides which, the wind came in hot and westerly again. Blah.. what a horrible day!

    Anyway guys, thanks for the positive reinforcement from afar.

    To be fair, Himself did comment later on ‘what on earth I’d managed to do with all the stuff. It looked even more foreboding when it was in a big heap outside the cupboard where I first tossed it.

  6. Way to go Trace!

    Now. I’ve got this cupboard you can sort…. I have every confidence in you. I’ll get the guest room ready, and I’ll praise you like crazy while you sort it all out for me. :^D

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