And so what have we learned this week?

I’ve learned…

.. that my desktop computer really hates me. (Or the universe hates me, or something…) This morning it froze with the wallpaper pic loaded, but no sys tray, and then subsequent rebooting didn’t even get me that far. [Computer Bloke tried a few things but had to head off to work.. so it’s back to the spare laptop for me.]  It’s barely a month since it mucked up BIG TIME before.  [insert sad face here]

.. that if I have to get up at 3.45 am to drive a daughter to the bus (for a Yr 11 student Brisbane universities reconnaissance excursion) that, even though I eventually get back to sleep, I’ll be much like a zombie for the rest of the day. And have really weird dreams between 5 am and 7.30am. Yesterday was thus a strange day.

.. that maybe the Universe is trying to send me a ‘get off the bloody internet’ message, because this laptop suddenly went into hibernation mode on me in the middle of typing this. (The fact that all this stuff was still here when I got back is, however, obviously a sign that it’s still ok for me to do a blog post..)

.. that I can cook something new after all. (Even totally-uninspired-over-cooking me!) With some donated kingfish fillets in the freezer, Himself had been expressing a desire to have a fish curry of some sorts. I looked up recipes (and went ‘arrgh, I don’t know about this curry paste lark’), but eventually I found a recipe that looked easy (with some twitter tips from a friend) and calculated the amount of curry paste juuuust right (for me and the kids anyway).  Took the opportunity to cook it  last night when the 16 yr old seafood hater was away.   It was a big SUCCESS all round, and we’ve decided when I make it again when Herself is here we’ll just pretend that it’s chicken.  (Sshhhh!)

.. that my husband can be a pain in the butt. (Well, actually that’s nothing new, this is just another example.) When I said ‘Aren’t I good to you, darling – you wanted me to make this, so Idid’, he said ‘No, I’m good to you, because I’ve helped you expand your horizons with cooking something out of your comfort zone.’

.. that I’m losing the plot, because I’ve picked up more tablets during the week from the chemist, and then realised this morning that I wasn’t out of them after all.

.. that I will never appreciate it when Himself says in the morning (like this morning) – “Um… have you organised dinner for tonight yet? Because, um… I have to go out for work.”  Well, in fact, I did have stuff organised, something reasonably nice, actually,  and I am more than a little pissed off about yet another night that he’s not home for dinner, and yet another time when he’s given me late notice that he won’t be home.

.. that if you go to an AGM, you’re bound to end up offering to do some executive position.  Duh! After all, the conscience that drove you to the meeting in the first place is going to ensure that you can’t sit there in a poorly attended P & C meeting while they list all the vacant positions and say ‘We’ll just have to list them in the newsletter and see if we get any takers…”  (Say hello to the Secretary of the primary school P & C.)

.. that it takes more than the annoyance of having to stuff around with a spare laptop to get the message that maybe I should be using today to GET SOMETHING DONE AROUND HERE.

OK.. not as funny as Rove, but it’s the best I can offer with my zombie brain right now.  Doing a post means I’ve now NO  excuse but to get up and do something constructive!

‘Say hello to your mum for me…’



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5 responses to “And so what have we learned this week?

  1. I got the role of President on the same basis, Trace…

    I hope your computer woes get sorted for you very soon.

  2. Linda

    that comment from HIM came at the right time NOT! I also get remarks like that, I have only just started to cook fish pies because I don’t cook fish. Love to eat it though.

  3. bushbabe

    Hello from another Secretary of the local P&C who got her role the same way. Duh!

    Perhaps you should join hubby for his work dinner! (Is that allowed?) and leave the kiddos to their own devices for a few hours…

  4. LOL
    Well this muggins got to be President of the local playgroup/kinder cos no one else was silly enough to put their hand up lol.
    You’re a braver woman than me, Gunga Din, haven’t tried fish curry yet, may pick your brain for the recipe 😉

  5. Sounds like we are all tarred with the same brush some way or another! Which is such a relief. So we make a P & C trifecta, BB and Jeanie?!! Gah, I’ve avoided it for so long, and get caught out in the last year!

    Jayne, it will be on the menu again, and I promise then I will take a photo and blog it in the Whats 4 Dinner section. It was ridiculously easy. Probably not at all authentic, but who cares when they all go “Yummm”.

    I don’t cook fish much Linda, because of Madam not liking it, but I think we are missing out on brain food a bit. Last few times we’ve been lucky enough to have got freebies from Himself’s work colleague who is an avid fisherman. He seals it in a vacuum packed bag and gives it away! How cool is that?!!

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