Crazy little things

I don’t think I have many foibles. (OK, family, stop laughing and pick yourself up off the ground). No, seriously, I’m the total opposite of OCD – particularly when it comes to keeping the house spick and span, so it’s not as if I’m prone to fastidiousness or anything.

REALLY!!  (No, I’m totally serious here, stop laughing!)

But I’ve come to the realisation that, in my old age, I have developed a few .. possibly irrational.. um.. dislikes.

Two, that spring to mind immediately, are related to food  – but I’m not talking about general food dislikes as such, rather food combinations.

In Tracey’s World of Food:

  • The only thing that should go with a meat pie is potato (and peas).  The potato can be mashed, boiled in their jackets, roasted, chips or wedges.  You can eat a meat pie by itself, but you absolutely CANNOT  have pasta (or rice) with it, like the heretics in my family would, and do (with utter glee, if they are getting to have meat pies without me.) They think I’m crazy. I think I’m RIGHT.  (It’s…. just … unAustralian!)
  • I have this weird thing about cheese. I eat cheese. Not as passionately as some, and I’m not into the overly sharp stuff, or ‘mouldy’ cheese..  As a rule I don’t like it on a sandwich. Cheese on toast, yes.  On a sandwich by itself (with lots of butter – but the cheese has to be sliced really thinly), ok.  But absolutely NOT with salad and meats.  And it drives me NUTS when cheese is automatically included as part of the ‘salad’ on a sandwich, or in a wrap.  I argued once with a school canteen supervisor that cheese was NOT salad, it was DAIRY, it was PROTEIN, and thus should be considered an added extra.Have you any idea how hard it is to buy lunch when you’re out (ie. readymade rolls, sandwiches, foccacias, etc) without cheese?!

And not food.. but something that my family think I’m nuts about…

  • I hate using the sunroof in the car.  Firstly, I think, what’s the point to having it completely open, when you have air conditioning ?  Ours also has the double shutter arrangement – but  I can’t cope with the solid shutter being open, with the ‘window’ shut.   I just cannot handle the light coming from above. (Never mind the slight whistling noise you can hear as the window bit obviously doesn’t seal perfectly.)  Usually when I get in the car I’m grateful for the shade factor, so I find the light coming from above a total distraction.When I got in the landcruiser by myself yesterday the sunroof shutter had been left open. OK, I thought. Let’s try and get over this paranoia….

    Nup. Lasted a couple of kilometres, and then, I gave in, shut the bloody thing, and breathed a sigh of relief.

    (And started composing this post in my head.)



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8 responses to “Crazy little things

  1. Linda

    your family is weird!………

    Sorry, I meant to say their taste in food combinations sounds a bit out there! How did they come up with pies, pasta or rice. I was just looking up ‘Harrys pies’ in Sydney. Now THAT is a pie!

    And I agree with the sunroof, with me it is also the car windows. I can’t handle it if they are down. That whistling noise as you drive, drives me mad!

  2. Those are called foibles, and are endearing.

    As for the sunroof, they’re like…dressing up and forgetting to wear nice shoes. If you’re going to be open to the weather, just get a convertible. Sunroofs are…unfinished.

  3. OMG you’re my long-lost twin lol.
    Spuds (and peas) is the only thing to have with a pie and I cannot stand cheese in sangas unless it’s on its lonesome.
    And I’ve never liked sun-roofs…..

  4. Wendy

    Hey I think I must be your long lost triplet – seperated at birth lol!! Only thing you forgot to mention was tomato sauce on the pie!!
    Sunroof …. mmmm don’t even want to go there. Looks good in the movies though.

  5. bushbabe

    Sunroofs (sunrooves?) are the most RIDICULOUS things to have in Australia. Seriously… there is sun EVERYWHERE. We are trying to get OUT of the sun most of the time… means you have to air-condition even more. It’s for places that don’t get sunshine really… like England. Or Iceland.

    Pies, in this house, get mashed spud and peas. End of story.

    You are welcome.

  6. And they wonder why I spend so much time on the internet. YOU GUYS KEEP ME SANE! – If it wasn’t for you all, I’d be feeling like a weirdo. Now I know that it’s actually me who’s normal, and it’s my husband (and kids influenced by him) who are the weird ones. Plus I’ve discovered that I was separated from my sisters at birth, which probably means that I was adopted, which explains so many other things!

  7. I’ll agree on the pies.
    I like cheese on sandwiches and I like cheese with salads and I like cheese alone.
    I like my sunroof because in the cold dark north it lets in a smidgen more light in the winter although I hate sun shining down into my eyes so I keep a sunvisor in the car. In the summer it can stay closed and I’ll turn on the A/C

    Can I still be a sister??

  8. Oh darl – you don’t like the blue? Nothing like some great soft mouldy cheese on hot toast – mmmmmm.

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